Initiation of Seuwrhan


This is the self initiation ritual into the Seuwrhanic Temple. Only you are able to call upon this power on your own. This is the path to corruption and absolute power inside the Seuwrhanic Temple. This ritual will lead you down a path of evil in the name of Seuwrhan.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 wooden altar
1 altar bowl
1 Azahran’s Awakening
4 white candles
1 small red candle
1 small yellow candle
1 small green candle
1 small blue candle
1 athame
1 stool

Casting Instructions for ‘Initiation of Seuwrhan’

(1) The altar should face north. Put the altar bowl on the center of the altar. Set the candle. The red candle goes in the front of the altar bowl. Place the candle to the candle on the side of the altar bowl and the left. Place the athame on the right side of the altar. Set the candles that are white in the quarters around the ritual circle. Have a stool useful. Now it’s time to step into the circle.
(2) Stand tall and hold the athame high. Visualize the energy of the cosmos charging you up and moving into your body, striking at the athame. Fill yourself with this energy and hold it inside yourself.
(3) Lower your arm so the athame is pointing directly. Discuss the line of incantation and draw the energy of the element in that way and light the candle on the altar in the exact exact same direction to the altar bowl. Turn clockwise to the direction, do the same thing until you are back facing north.
(4) Sit on the stool; close your eyes and just quiet your mind and allow your thoughts to go without paying attention to any one of them. Open your eyes and make the request more quiet and for security your mind and allow yourself to feel the presence of protectors and your guides.
(5) Stand and face the corresponding walls when you call the seals. Hold the athame over your chest with your right hand. The blade should be booted. As soon as you feel their existence, it’s time to light the candles around the circle, starting with the north west and south.
(6) Picture a black mist that surrounds you and your temple space.
(7) Open your heart to the Unholy Nine.
(8) Allow the energy left over return to their resources. Burn the Azahran’s Awakening.
(9) In the opposite manner using the athame, you now return the energy you’ve left over and put out the candles in the reverse order in which they were lit.
(10) Now that the curse is done, now you can leave the magic circle. Wait to clean the materials up and put the tools away.

(2) Hear my voice! I call to protect me. By the powers of the components I shall be safe here.
(3) Greed! I request your hunger! Vengeance! I ask for your reprisal! Hatred! I ask for your revulsion! Malice! I ask for your spite!
(4) I take of this energy and ask that’s it blessed to protect me in my trip to the Unseen Realm. I call down the power of the gods who are loving and of my spirit and protective of me to protect my ritual ground will be summoned here. By the will of the gods and my personal guardians I ask that I be secure for all times.
(5) Greed, Element of the North Wall be sealed. Element of the East Wall be sealed. Element of the South Wall be sealed. Element of the West Wall be sealed. Malevolence the binding force of evil, watch the seals.
(6) I the name of Seuwrhan I throw out all forces not of your orientation! The space is consecrated by me and dedicate it to the functions of malice. I call to seal this blessing for all time.
(7) I pledge my complete and complete allegiance to Seuwrhan and the Unholy Nine and also to serve your urge to rule with complete power. I give my body and mind also to understand in their power over all things and over to the Elements of Evil malevolent.
(8) By the power of my authority I open this circle and release the guardians from my command.
(9) Malice! Your electricity is released by me from my circle! Hatred! I release your power ! Vengeance! I release your electricity ! Greed! Your electricity is released by me from my circle!
(10) Hail unto Seuwrhan that the God of Corruption this curse shall be sent.

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