How To Summon Your Cat With Powers!!!!


This Spell May Or May Not Work But I We’ll Tell You I Got Idea from Noralidy_304’s Dragon Egg Spell.Her Spells Are Amazing!!!!

You will need the following items for this spell:

-Paper -Pencil/Pen -Crayons -ruler -Belif

Casting Instructions for ‘How To Summon Your Cat With Powers!!!!’

1. Draw Color Him/Her In And Your Cat
2. Draw You Next For Your Cat (You Can Color Yourself In But It’s Optional)
3. Take You And Your Cat’s Size (About The Paper)If You Were 5ft place five thirds above You And Your Cat’s Head Then Underline It
4. Fold it (Hambuger)
5. Put Your Cat’s Info On One Side (Like Name,Eye Color,Fur Color,Elament,Tail Size,Food,Abllirtys And Etc.)
6. Twist It Again (Hambuger)
7. Read Out Loud And Write On Paper:”(Element), Cat of mine, come to me, by egg of (element). I summon the creature that is newborn. So Mote It Be.” (“So mote it be” should be written as large as possible.)
8. Fold It Again (Hambuger)
9. Draw A Pentagon On One Side
10. Twist It Again (Hambuger)
11. Every Night For 3 Night Say This:”God/goddesses, grant my fantasy Cat in the actual world from egg to end.” Then, chant, “(Element), Cat of mine, come to me, by egg of (element). I summon the newborn mythical creature. So mote it be.”
12. Then Kiss It And Pur It Under You Pillow (Repeat 11. And 12. For 3 Nights)
13. On The 4th Day Go Look For The Egg
I Am Using This So I Don’t Know About The Eggs But I Will Say Soon!Good Luck! :D!!!!
If it Works thx !!!, and Message Me

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