How to Make a Spell


This permits you to be able to make, charge and perform a spell that will actually work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Pen/Marker

Casting Instructions for ‘How to Create a Spell’

First, the obvious step. Think of which kind of spell you want.

Bear in mind which spells are harder to perform than others. Its best to perform a simple spell if this is your first time building a spell. Needless to say, everyone is different. Generally, beauty, health and weather spells are more difficult to perform since they’re physical magick. But this isn’t the case for everybody. I recommend a simple manifestation spell (Wish spell), fortune, wealth, etc..

Now, get out a sheet of paper and a pen or marker. It is best to not use a pencil. Write down the spells name, its purpose, requirements and incantation.

After you do that, put your hand over the paper (about three inches off the paper) and imagine your energy flowing through your veins. Envision your energy going though your arm and into the spell. Dont use too much of your own energy, save some for the actual spell.

Envision energy coming out of mother nature – plants and the ground. You may imagine green energy (or whatever colour best suits you) coming out of the ground, wrapping around your legs, in your body, through your arms and into the spell.

Envision energy coming from the universe -the sky, outer space, everything, and envision it going into your mind, through your arm and into the spell. Imagine you doing the spell, and the spell working. Now, you can keep your hands where it is, or maintain the paper.

Chant the following (this is optional) Chant as long as you want.

Wind, fire, water, earth
I call on you to make this spell magick,
So mote it be.

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