How to Create a Death Note Spell no. 1


This is based on the anime named Death Note. Ones created by magick can be fatal and have consequences unimaginable for the absurd and dabbling. Be sure to have enough magickal experience before attempting this.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A Note Book
Any font that is Undecipherable or speech
Paper to copy on the ribbon
Menses, Blood, or Saliva
A Pen and a marker to write it on
A Pen to inscribe the note book
Dragon’s Blood Ink to hide fluids
Full Moon (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘How to make a Death Note Spell no. 1’

(Note: This is for people age 18 and older and have no history of severe mental illness or Are pregnant. If your mental illness is taken care of by meds, please be cautious for a minor mistake makes you have serious problems because of forces of darkness. Cutters should use menses and saliva instead for the probability of cutting is greater than personal well being for these people.)

First buy a note book from any shop in the innocent way.

Then a pen and a marker.

But if you have a laptop, tear out its pages if it’s the blank one.
It’s the cheaper way to have them. Same goes for a light colored pencil and a mark to mark it with.

Then go to and go to translation. Copy and paste it in word or in the preferred dicitionary of dream and magickal language online.

Use undecipherable font or language (For font Elvish and Enochian works best for some people. In English, I’d advise you to write in Drow or other transliterate language in English since only you are able to translate it unless a religious freak or a pig (anarchist slang for a detective cop) gets a hold of it.)

For instance, since I’ll use drow: “Memory of Departure” goes like this: Zha’linth d’ Elghinn for translation. But if you wish to make it truly undecipherable type in the font of your choosing as long as nobody reads it.

Print it off, and write down in your blood or spit by copying from the paper you’ve printed off. I prefer spit because it doesn’t get you into trouble with the psych authorities and it is simple to disguise it in your dragon’s blood ink accessible from many occult stores. I have this ink since I have been involved with the occult in my life and let me tell you, it works like real blood when you combine menses, spit, or blood in it.

Now inscribe one of the phrases for the pencil with the mark by saying, “I’m the lord your god,” “Will of god will be obeyed”, or “Sword of God’s will”. Or place the word Goddess or God/dess or even Satan in it by dipping it in ink and writing in the language of your choice.

Put it on the altar with two black or white candles, one near each side and say, “By the powers of Darkness, I request this book to kill those with titles written into it. From the darkness and might, I summon the angel of death (or Shinigami) to activate this publication in pure darkness.” Then meditate while the candles burn down before snuffing them. Allow the darkness get sucked into the book and flip darkest greyish black.

Or if you do not have time, let the candles burn down while meditating on it all day and night long.

The Entire moon is optional but grants certain powers to it

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