This charm is to moderate behavior of these in your household, or on your property. It keeps conversation a little more civil, and reminds people of the manners. It’s excellent for family get-togethers and parties.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Lion or Wolf Statue A Piece of Smooth Hematite A Candle or Candle Holder A Name to your Lion/Wolf

Casting Directions for ‘Hospitality’

Objects Required Break-Down
Figure of a Lion or Wolf: I think a Lion serves best, though you could also substitute a wolf or some other pack/social animal as that helps you to invent a servitor/artificial elemental that has the sensibilities to the job at hand. Mine is a small stone statue of a lion. Though any material will do, stone, bone, wood, and other natural materials act as anchors for energy and information more readily.
A Piece Of Smooth Hematite: I use a small sphere, but any piece that has been polished so that it shines will do. A shape that appeals to you for symbolic reasons is also valuable. The crystal needs to get its natural tendency to collect and eliminate negativity amplified and programmed to get what the Lion gathers.
A Candle And/Or Candle Holder: Depending on how often you plan on using the spell, charge and pattern a candle or a candle holder to offer the Lion with electricity. Use visualization, toning, and whatever techniques you prefer to fill the Candle/Holder with life force.
Enlivening the Lion or Wolf
Hold the figurine of the Lion/Wolf on your hands. Superimpose the picture of a living, breathing lion/wolf on the statue. Watch it as life size or larger. See the muscles ripple, the mane influence, the roar or howl rumble in your ears. See the statue glow and fill with life. Breathe in prana and blow it into the statue. Proceed until it feels warm with life. Then say with a voice of command and power:
Live And Breathe, Keeper Of Peace
Live And Breathe, Bringer Of Joy
Live And Breathe, Keeper Of Rules
Live And Breathe, Bringer Of Warmth
Live And Breathe, Binder Of Strife
Live And Breathe, Giver Of Comfort
Live And Breathe, Binder Of Anger
Live And Breathe, Giver Of Shelter
Live And Breathe, Tender Of Hospitality
Power Of Charisma Be With You
Power Of Presence Be With You
Power Of Law Be With You
Answer To The Name Of __________ (3x)
Awaken When Called By Name And Flame
Rest When The Flame Is Extinguished
So Mote It Be And Let It Be Performed.
The enlivening is done the first time the spell is to be cast, and then every several months as needed to refresh the job. Put the Lion, the Stone, and the Candle where they’ll be utilized or store them. Ideally the Lion should see your home even when not being used.
Casting the Spell.
Light the Candle and watch it flare with life force. Touch the Lion if possible and say:
Awaken _________ And Feed From The Flame
While The Flame Burns Guard This Home And Hearth
Roam About This House As The Guide And The Guardian Of Hospitality
Mark The Bounds Of Fellowship And Etiquette
Clear The Air Of Negativity And Bring It To This Stone
Patrol Amongst Us And Remind Us Of Our Better Natures
Come And Give Report If I’m Needed
Heed The Letter And The Spirit Of These Words, _________
Now And Always.
While the spell is in play, be conscious of the state of the Candle and messages in the Lion.
Dismissing the Spell.
Snuff the Candle and invite the Lion by name. As soon as possible, pick up the Stone (Hematite), and please it with salt water, incense, and running water. Then return the objects to their customary positions.


The boundaries can be the house, the home plus fenced in or marked off lawn, etc.. There must be a clear demarcation. For reasons of energy expenditure, efficacy, and right of law and spirit the line between in and outside of your space is crucial.

Do not leave this running all of the time. It costs energy and will interfere with hard discussions which are healthy in desired in life.

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