Green Mint Job Spell


This is a spell to help those who want a job get one.

You will need the following items for this spell:

-green candle -mint leaves -patchouli incense (optional) -knife -piece of paper -pencil

Casting Instructions for ‘Green Mint Job Spell’

This spell is to be carried out on a full moon for the best results, though if you are not able to wait that long then a waxing moon would suffice.

First, you’ll need to cast a circle. (If you do not know how, I would recommend you watch Laura Daligan’s ‘How To Cast a Circle’ video: super informative and helpful!) Then, light the patchouli incense. This is not essential, I just find that it’s a pleasant little additive which may make your spell more effective for the witch that really, REALLY needs this job.

Take your green candle, and with your knife, carve a rune for riches into it (I use Fehu, as it boosts wealth, prosperity, and motivation). Meditate with your candle. Channel all of your feelings about a new job inside that candle and focus in on how much you want it. Do this for as long as you will need to, and when you’re finished, set it before you and light it. Take out your paper and pen and write down everything you need in a job: how much you want to be compensated, what hours you want, what field you wish to be in, what benefits you are interested in being offered. Place the mint leaves on the paper and fold it until it’s about the size of your palm (leaves intact). Burn it in the flame of the candle (please use caution!) , and as you do that. say:

“Employment is the thing I seek, bring it to me.
I need a place of work, show it to me.
Mother goddess, please light my path
As this candle lights this paper.
As it falls to ash, let a profession fall into my lap.
And harm none, so mote it be!”

Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary. After the paper is burned completely, sit for as long as you feel you need to and meditate. Your goals are now put forth into the world, so visualize what your life will be like once you do this job: what colleagues you’ll have, what customers you’ll interact with, what boss you’ll ever have. Get a somewhat clear picture in your head of what your new life will look like under new job.

When you feel you’re finished, break the circle. Set the candle and incense someplace safe and let them burn out on their own (but please remember to never leave candles unattended) Be mindful that this spell won’t magically get you a job. You need to really put forth the effort, as in applying for jobs on your own. Spells are to assist us in our own lives, they can not do all of the work for us. With that in mind, I hope this helps you!

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