Good Luck


Great luck spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Frankincense 3 candles gold or orange Pen and paper Incense

Casting Instructions for ‘Good Luck’

Draw on your circle and light the incense.
Place the candles in a triangle for luck, but do not light them yet.
Say the words:

” God and Goddess, Spirits and Guides.
Thank you.

I ask you now for whatever it is you want
Aid me as I work to achieve it
Please bring it to me when the time is right
So mote it be”.

Now visualise what your life will be like if you already had this thing you wish for. Really soak yourself in the feeling of good fortune, success, joy, accomplishment. Feel the elation on your chest, and hold on to that feeling. Meditate on it as you go deeper into yourself. There, a picture or symbol will appear on your thoughts. As soon as you see this, whatever it may be, draw it on your piece of paper.
Now take the piece of paper and place it within the triangle of candles.
As you light each candle, say:
“Fire, ignite my fantasy, for the greatest good.”
Sit with the lit candles and visualise good fortune coming your way. Trust that the Universe will bring you what is right for you. Immerse yourself in gratitude towards life and all the God and Goddess have brought you.
Then take your piece of paper and bury it in the ground, as you say:
“Earth, seal my fantasy, for the greatest good.”
Notice that this Good Luck spell will bring you exactly what is right for you, but it may come in unexpected forms. Remember to keep an open mind and an open center and look out for opportunities and signsPlace candles in triangle but don’t light until you follow the step by step guide.

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