Better your Luck


To help balance the side of the scales if your down on your luck. Not just financial but around luck.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A photo of yourself 4 green candles and one white candle A few drops of Mint Oil Amber incense 10 bay leaves 2 green fluorite stones Wish Parchment and pen An offering bowl Photo of yourself

Casting Directions for ‘Better your Luck’

Start off with burning the incense. Let it burn good and strong and the scent fill the room. As this happens, meditate on your totem animal and call to him to give you some of his abilities.
Place the green candles at each cardinal point (North, South, East and West), and the white candle place before you. Set the bay leaves and fluorite stones into a bowl. Put your photo in front of the candle.
Now, ground and center yourself, then draw your circle, light each green candle in turn, and finally the white candle in front of you.
Take the white candle, and shed a few drops of wax on your picture. Take the offering bowl in both hands and focus on your photo. Recite this incantation for personal success three times:
Great, power and majestic (totem animal)
Guide and guardian of my body, soul and spirit
To you I prayer and ask of thee;
Bring success to me soon,
Let prosperity unto me,
Let Happiness fill my entire life,
Let joy be my new radiate aura.
Fill my heart and fill my dwelling.
Let what I ask now be done,
Mystic (totem animal).
Now write you wish of good luck on the paper. When done hold it on the pot and state:
What I put in here today manifest.
What was undone now becomes balanced.
With the will and wish of the Great Creator.
Drop the paper onto the pot with all the other items and leave it in there. Continue concentrating on what you want till the candles burn out. Allow the incense burn until the end.

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