Get your Crush to Love You!


It should make your crush like you within 24-72 hours if you do it properly.

You may need the following items for this spell:

-Lip Gloss/Stick; any type or color, does not matter.
-A sheet of plain paper.
-Paper Clip
-A safe place.
-Quiet Room
-A focused mind

Casting Instructions for ‘Get your Crush to Love You!’

Go into a room. It really does not matter if somebody is there with you as long as they are quiet and aren’t distracting you. Sit crossed legged on the floor and take your lipgloss ( or lipstick ) and apply it completely to your lips.

Take the piece of paper (rip it to some rectangle-type shape), and press your lips to the middle of the paper; essentially kissing the paper.

After that, take your way of writing ( Pen, pencil, marker, etc.) and write your crush’s full name over the lip print; example: Jamie (if you know his/her middle name then put it but if you don’t it actually doesn’t matter) Quinn Maslow.

As you sit cross legged, put the paper in front of you, and hold your hands about a foot above. Close your eyes and concentrate on it *think of the spell AND your crush

You should feel a pull towards the paper but resist it.

Say “*Crush’s full name* wants to love me. Have him/her see and that I shall do the same. Spread our love forever and forever until we both die. He’s funny, smart, and witty, along like me and I promise to do nothing but saint-work for eternity.” JUST ONCE!

Open your eyes and fold the paper into a hamburger, kiss a side, fold it until it is like a square. Kiss that after more then use the clip to keep it closed.

Be sure that you keep that safe until you want the spell.

It worked for me, and I hope it works for you. Message me if it does!

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    • Hello Sadi! I know you posted this like forever ago back in 2020, but I came across this artical too. It is simply saying, ”keep it safe untill you need the spell again. If you want the spell again you just close your eyes and say the spell like you did the first time (;

      Stay safe and bye (: i


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