Flower Basket of Abundance


A spell to bring prosperity to your life.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Amber Incense
Cut flowers eye susans
Queen Anne’s Lace
Yellow Candle
White Candle
Gold Candle
1 Dollar bill (Pound, Euro or anything)

Casting Directions for ‘Flower Basket of Abundance’

Place a the basket and the candles as you set up your altar for the spell. When prepared invoke the gods of abundance and flowers/gardens. Never invoke a god you know nothing about or a god not from your own pantheon. After the invocation, perform your and first prayers give your offerings. When ready hold you hands over the basket and start to fill it with energy of green, gold and silver in color. See these energies mixing from the basket. Now one take up ritually and the flowres and plave them in the basket. The black-eyed Susans will serve to fortify, Queen Anne’s lace will send out vibrations that are positive, and goldenrod will bring prosperity and success. As you put the flowers in the basket speak the following: By the powers of earth, air, fire, water, spirit, spirit and equilibrium, By the powers of the loving gods which surround me, This basket I make, filled with love, devotion and abundance. With each flower I put inside it May the power of abundance feed my life and the flowers . Next light the candles. As you do think of abundance coming into your life, enough for you to be happy and sustain you. Don’t be greedy. Take up the dollar bill and enjoy the basket of flowers, offer it to the gods. If you do not have a dollar to spare, use play money or better still, print/draw your own magick money. Set the dollar with candles and the flowers. Allow the candles to burn till they are dead, and leave the flowers on the altar. Take candles stubs, the flowers and the cash and place them in a pit in the backyard, offering them back knowing they will still manifest abundance.

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