Full Moon Love Spell


A basic home made love spell to increase your CHANCES with a specific individual of your choice. Must be performed on a Full Moon

You will need the following items for this spell:

Meditation-Energy(Preparation) Full Moon Cast the Circle Call the Components Herbs-Basil and Cinnamon Candle-Pink Stones(If you’ve any) to increase the spell. Parchment or paper Paper Visualization Intent Pen Invoke your chosen Deity for me it would be Bastet

Casting Instructions for ‘Full Moon Love Spell’

Focus your intent on what you would like.
You want the spell to be accomplished?
Cast the Circle and Call the Elements and invoke your chosen deity corresponding with Love or Romance.
Make SURE there’s a complete moon.


Meditate with energy so you can charge the pink candle with that energy so its billed, cast the circle call the components and invoke your deity,anoint your pink candle with the herbs (Basil and Cinnamon), light the pink candle, write on a piece of paper “(your name or someone else’s name) and then write the objectives title on top of your name or someone else’s title” the spell can be done for a friend.
Visualize within the flame that your goal is complete and that these two people you’ve chosen are together. Create a Crystal grid around the candle to increase the energies.
Then you must chant:

“Upon this Blessed Night
I ask the Goddess (YOUR GODDESSES NAME)
To unite both of these souls so that they
May find happiness, may their romance
Collectively warm the hearts of others and themselves,
With the ability of stones and these herbs
So mote it be”.

Thank your deity and leave an offering, if its for a friend tell them to leave an offering and a thank you.

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