For finding a lost pet spell.


A short little spell I learned that I figured I would give out to you all involving tarot cards!

You will need the following items for this spell:

A tarot deck. 2-3 candles. A picture or item associated with the animal.

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell for finding a lost pet’

So before we begin this spell it would be best to meditate on your creature for 10 minutes or so, in order to unwind and be able to focus on who you’re looking for. When you feel comfortable to start, light the two or three candles and place them parallel to each other using a foot of space if 2, or a triangle formation with about a foot of space. So using the tarot deck, figure out the signifacator card of your pet. Cards that can be used as significators for animals include the 9 OF PENTACLES, THE STAR, and the ACE OF CUPS for birds; the QUEEN OF WANDS for cats; STRENGTH for domestic cats and big cats like lions and tigers; THE MOON, THE FOOL, and the 10 OF PENTACLES for wolves and dogs; the PAGE OF CUPS and The MOON for fish and aquatic life; THE SUN, the 6 OF WANDS, and all of the KNIGHTS for horses; the KING OF WANDS for lizards and reptiles, the QUEEN OF PENTACLES for anglers; and THE LOVERS for snakes. However, if a particular card feels right for your animal, feel free to use that instead!

So the cards we will be using are the significator, the Star, the 6 of cups, the Magician, and the Hermit.

So now that we have all that figured out, in the middle of the candles place down the significator. Visualize the creature, remembering its characteristics and mannerisms to the best of your ability. Picture the pet being drawn to the light of the candles–into the light of love. Hold your hands above the candle flames for a few minutes. Feel the warmth of the candles, and visualize the light of these candles acting as a beacon to lead the animal home.

Later, lay down the SIX OF CUPS, and think about all the good times you and your pet have had together. Try to remember the day you first got your pet, what they were like as a youngster, etc..

As you lay down THE MAGICIAN, consider the various courses of action that may be taken in the hunt for your pet.

Lay down THE STAR, a card for wishing. Create a wish for your furry friend to return.

Finally, lay down THE HERMIT, visualizing your pet being found or returned, and how happy you both will be to be reunited.

After you have finished meditating on the cards and visualizations, carefully, and with as much sense as you can, recite the following affirmation:

“As I set forth these cards in the light of these candles, the little friend for whom I have so much love is drawn home to me!

I don’t cease attempting to find my friend until he/she returns home.

I call upon all good spirits and all good powers who care about small and helpless creatures to assist me in my search!

My small friend (name of pet) is brought home through the spell which I call forth.

It shines like a beacon that my animal friend can see!

As my will, so mote it be!”

You may think about the spell closed at this stage, or you may close the spell as wanted.

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