Five-Knot Elemental Blessing


This spell will bless you

You will need the following items for this spell:

A length of string or white cord , rather than a substance that is natural
A piece of paper and a pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Five-Knot Elemental Blessing’

Cast a circle and meditate for awhile, holding the string or cord at both hands, letting yourself become focused and calm. When you are ready, take your string and tie four knots inside, moving. Make them spaced with a length of string left on either side. Tie every knot carefully and with purpose. As you create your knots, speak these words:
The first knot is tied to bless the heart. May friendship and love thrive, and can my emotions become happy and free as a rippling stream.
The knot is tied to bless the will. My drive and determination be powerful to help me attain my goals, and may, May my internal strength shine through like the bright flame of a candle.
The knot is tied to bless the body. May I be in good health and be safe and secure, and have the steadiness and strength of the stones of the planet.
The fourth knot is tied to bless the mind. I be creative and motivated, able to express my ideas and myself. May my mind be fresh and clear as a reasonable breeze.
Take the 2 ends on both sides of the four knots. Tie them to earn a knot that is fifth, making a circle with five evenly spaced knots. As you tie it, say:
The fifth knot is tied to bless the soul. May I attached to Sky and the Earth be fulfilled, and one with all. May I be as complete as the world itself.
Organize the series as a perfect (or as perfect as you can make it) circle on the piece of paper. Take the pencil and draw lines connecting the knots to make a pentagram, beginning and ending with the knot. As you draw it fill the symbol with power, and permit its ability to fill you. Meditate or breathe while gazing at it. Close your circle, when you feel ready and finish your rite. You may leave the string-and-paper pentacle on your altar (or where you drew it) for the rest of the day/night (or longer), if you prefer. You can bury the string or keep it when you take it apart. Burn or bury the paper or return it.
(The pronouns in the spoken words can be changed to have this blessing be for somebody else. If you perform this boon for somebody else, I would suggest writing their name on the paper before knotting the string or cord, and then forming the pentacle underneath the title. As always, it is best to perform a spell for someone else with his or her permission.)

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