Emotional Improvement


A spell to boost your emotional wellbeing, for when your depressed for example.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Stone(s) to Boost energies-Red Jasper, Hematite and Quartz point to amplify energies greatly.
Herb(s)-Pepper (Regular)
Parchment Paper or paper

Casting Instructions for ‘Emotional Improvement’

Meditate so you are able to form energy, because all spells need your own energy because otherwise they wont work as well as you may think or even may not work in any way.

Cast the Circle and Call the Elements and invoke Your Favorite Deity that corresponds with Happiness or Joy. As said previously if you haven’t selected a Pantheon yet then invoke Hathor. Now, get your candle (red) and hold it in your hands and visualize the energy that you gathered from meditation going into the candle, then when your done with that dress the candle with the herb you need to dress the herb up the candle because that symbolizes bringing something in(pepper).

Light the candle and visualize within the flame that your goal is complete, which means you’d picture yourself happy, then get your piece of paper and write what you would like the invoked deity to perform for you. Then what you would like to do is fold the paper, then turn it clockwise and fold it . What you need to do then is burn the piece of paper while chanting. Underneath if you have not selected a pantheon I will put the invocation of Hathor, then chant: Great goddess, Hathor. I ask that you bring Your presence for this room. Upon this night, Help me with my magic Fulfill my intention Offerings I will leave to you. All I ask is the help So mote it be Then chant:

Upon this blessed night With Goddess Hathors might Great Goddess, hear my plea Courage from you is what I seek. Expel emotion and negativity Fill me with pride, confidence, Happiness That is my plea So mote it be Leave an offering to Hathor after the spell has worked fine, if you dont have anything appropriate as an offering then simply write on a sheet of paper: Thank you Goddess Hathor for assisting me with my spell.

Then burn the paper in a candle, fire or whatever so that your messaged will be sent to the heavens.

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