Dragon Transformation by Jewel1218


This spell will turn you into a dragon.I’m not positive whether it works so no rude emails please.The other one that I created I messed up on so come to the one cause the other one will not work, but this one might.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pen/pencil Colored pencils/crayons Paper Ruler(12inches) Belief in dragons Imagination Faith Patience

Casting Instructions for ‘Dragon Transformation by Jewel1218’

1. Draw the dragon which you would like to be. Place the height and length of the dragon. (height is at the shoulders not the head) Exmaple 1 inch = 1 foot. Then color the dragon in. It doesnt have to be the color of this element.

2. Fold the paper hamburger style

3. Write your info: (Name, element, breed, scale color, eye color, wing size, tail, abilities, behavior/personality, Power, speed,accessories, etc.. .)

4. Fold the paper hamburger style

5. Say aloud while writting the following: Dragons, dragons, dragons, I want to be a dragon. I need to be a (element) dragon. My scale colour shall be (color), and my eyes will soon be shining (color). God , grant me my wish to be, I want to be a dragon. So mote it be. ( so mote it be should be written as big as you can) You can have more than one element, but two is the max.

6. Fold papeer hamburger style

7. Draw a pentagram

8. Fold paper hamburger style

9. Now every night for three nights, prior to going to sleep say: God, please let me be the monster that I wish to be. Then chant: Dragons, dragons, dragons, I want to bea dragon.I want to be a (element) dragon. My scale colour shall be (colour), and my eyes will be glowing (color). God, grant me my desire to be, I wish to be a dragon. So mote it be.

10. Now kiss the paper and put it under your pillow. As you fall asleep, dream of you being a dragon.

NOTE: Once you have chanted the 3 nights, you have sealed the deal and you cant begin.

Side effects:

1st: Eye color will change or become brighter

2nd: You will grow claws on your hands and feet, and your skin will changeto the colour you selected, and your skin texture will change as you grow scales.

3rd. Your neck will become longer and your face will begin to look like the dragon you drew.

4th. Your wings will begin to sprout.

5th. All the accessories will start to sprout,Example: Horns, fins, spikes, etc..

You may feel every symptom of change, and so you will feel nauseous, you back will hurt, your tail bone will hurt, youll get tooth aches, and head aches. Your transformation may be fast or it may be slow, I dont know, as I said it all depends on you. I hope it works, and I wish you the very best of luck. ^^

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