Death’s Curse


To curse death upon an intended target. None of your DNA gets in the mix.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Goofer Dust
String or yarn
A lighter or match
A picture of intended target
A knife
2 red candles
3 black candles
1 purple candle
1 white candle
1 blue candle
A burning dish

Casting Instructions for ‘The Curse of Death’

Call upon the energy and spirits of your reaper (there are many but we all have one. They are neutral and bring death.) Next call upon Lucifer (you know, Satan to take your intended goal and their soul to damn them) then call upon lady fate, woman karma, and woman destiny.

Then, light the white candle followed by taking the black candles and light them with the flame of the white candle. Next light the purple candle, the blue, and then two red. Place the white candle in the center, purple to the left of the blue and white to the right of white. Next to the purple place one red and adjacent to the blue place one red. Then place one black candle in front of those candles between the gaps. Make sure that the picture you’re using just shows your intended goal and nobody else. The picture must demonstrate the persons face, eyes, mouth, and chest where their heart is.

Cut a piece of string or yarn about a foot long. Take one of those red candles and drip the wax onto the picture where the persons heart is (their chest). Next, sprinkle goofer dust over the wax above the persons heart. Take the knife and mix together the goofer dust and wax. Then, with the knife stab the persons picture through their heart. Then take the series and have the white candle flame burn it in half.

Next place the string in half on the picture with the wax and goofer dust and then fold the picture in half and then over ensuring nothing of the man or woman is showing. Take the picture and set it on fire by the flame of the candle. Put the image in a safe bowl and make certain it burns completely.

Next add a little water and then a bit more. Wait until the picture burns. Then, blow out each candle one at a time. First white, then purple, blue, black, and red. It is done.

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