Cut the red cord


In many cultures, the emblem of a red thread or cord is meaning to bind two souls together. In many ways this is a positive, but in certain this is a negative. If your love has become poisonous, if you are in an emotional or abusive relationship. You and the other may be connected with the red cord. This spell would be to cut it.

You may need the following items for this spell:

-anything extremely symbolic in the connection that could be burned (ex: dried roses from a first date, love letters, pictures.)
-white sage
-red thread
-your s/o’s favorite cologne or perfume
-a first safe bowl or abalone shell
-an open well ventilated space

Casting Instructions for ‘Cut the red cord’


The hardest thing is saying farewell to the good times in a romantic relationship. But sometimes its completely necessary. You must make certain that you have the ability to complete rid this toxic person from your life. Going back and forth will tie both of you up and leave both unable to proceed.


1- sage the room or airaround you. clear your mind. Focus on what you would like, and it could be hard. Recognize your place in the world and humble yourself.

2- add the symbolic items to the jar or shell. If they are flowers crush them. Love letters or graphics can remain folded or flat depending on how big the burning region is.

3- spray things with cologne or perfume. Publicly voice everything you desire. pray or vocalize to whatever deity you believe in. The purpose of casting a spell is to make it to your personal beliefs. If you pray to aphrodite however you dont believe in her, nothing will work.

4- tie a single red thread into your wrists like handcuffs

5- light your items on flame. Announce to the world and spirit realm which you simply wish to cut the red cord of destiny tying you to your s/o

6- as the flame dwindles down hold your wrists over the smoke (not over the flame) and pull apart quickly without hesitation, to break the ribbon.

And youre done.


-if the fire wont light, keep adding the perfume or perfume to the substances.

-do NOT breathe in the fumes

-as previously stated, if you are in danger please visit someone you love and hope for emotional support and contact your local police or domestic abuse hotline for assistance.

magickcan only do so much. Its okay to get help.

blessed be

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