Crossroads Spell


ONLY USE THIS SPELL IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU ARE WITH YOUR SOUL MATE- This spell is designed to connect two hearts, while they’re separated, and protect these hearts. If the spell works, the roads the two of you take all will eventually lead you back to your lover. This spell is especially useful for long distance relationships, or couples in which one partner is in the military and overseas, that they may live long enough to return to one another as it protects the wearers.

You will need the following items for this spell:

-Needs to be preformed on a FULL MOON.
-Requires a correctly set up altar (including a hardy pentacle, altar candles, and a male and female symbol such as a wand and cauldron) within a purified casting area.
-This is Skyclad.
2 rose quartz crystals of similar size on chains, ready to be worn as a necklace
6-8 inch ribbon or red cord
4 white candles
1 blue candle
1 small bowl of salt
1 small bowl of consecrated water
A picture of you
A little picture of your lover
Dragon’s Blood incense
A sterilized needle
A chalice of wine
A homemade cake of Your Choice

Casting Instructions for ‘Crossroads Spell’

SETTING UP: Place both crystal necklaces in your pentacle’s middle, together with the images of you and your lover, which should be placed wrapped around the chains. Have the bowl of salt and the bowl of water along with wine and the cake. Set the blue candle at the Spirit point of your pentacle, along with the four candles at Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Light the incense the altar candles, then the candles around the pentacle in the order of Spirit, Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Call the Quarters, and invite a male and female deity of your choice (best if the two are lovers, such as Ares and Aphrodite). Meditate before starting the ritual in the Goddess position (your arms over your head in a V-shape, although your face looking up toward the skies) Have your cable and needle ready beside the pentacle.

1- Before this altar, I do kneel
2- and within these crystals I do seal,
3- love and protection’s powers that be
4- to bring my lover back.
5- as these crystals are near heart
6- never will they linger.
7- from far over, I ask the powers
8- to safeguard our lives, and protect our love.
9- I do entice
10- connection for sacrifice.
11- Gods and Goddesses, hear my plea: bring the wearer back to me.
12- From the power of the sun, moon, earth, and sea, as I will so mote it be!

On lines 2-4, cup your palms over the crystals and control them.
While chanting lines 5-8, take the chains and images together in one hand and move them through the smoke of the dragon’s blood incense, then sprinkle the dedicated salt on them, then pass them through the blue candle, then scatter the consecrated water, afterward, return them to the middle of the pentacle. Tie chains and the pictures under the red cord in a simple knot.
On lines 9-10, prick your finger and put in a drop of blood to the wine the cake, and then the knot of the string.
Increase your voice while shooting the images the knot, and the bracelets on your hands and raising them .

Slide the chains out from beneath the knot, while retaining the two pictures safely inside. Tighten the knot until you believe the images will not slip out of it and are secure. (It’s okay to scrunch up the pictures) Thank the Quarters and the Gods for viewing over your ritual, and bit them farewell after sprinkling the wine and cake onto the Earth. Keep your knot in a very safe place, and on each full moon if you wish to make sure the potency of your charm, take it and raise it into the moonlight, so that it may remind the gods of the thing you asked of them. If you would like to strengthen your spell, add a drop of your blood to the cord every time you introduce the light of the full moon with the knot.
After the ritual is completed, take the bracelets to your lover. Hold the crystals in your hands both together, then put the necklace on your lover, and have him/her put yours for you, then take each other’s hands and kiss. Wear the bracelets during sexual intercourse soon.

>>Wear the necklaces at the exact same time as often as possible, and make sure that your lover wears his/hers if he/she is going away on a long trip or somewhere that might be harmful.
DO NOT wear this necklace on cheating on your lover if you plan. Then you need to not have preformed this spell in the first location, if you felt feelings for somebody else. But, if you did, and are considering cheating, or have cheated, IMMEDIATELY burn the knot and remove the necklace. The spell will backfire on you, if not done enough, and you’ll likely be faced with the consequences brought on by the law. While engaging in sexual intercourse with anyone aside from your 17, ESPECIALLY don’t wear this necklace. You will not have enough opportunity to undo the spell. Whatever punishment comes your way is your own fault and I will not pity you if it comes and smacks you in the jaw.

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