Create A Magick Talisman


To create a little magickal talisman to kick off your spiritual growth.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Two candles to symbolize the Goddess and God (either two white; silver (Goddess) and gold (God); or green (Goddess) and red (God) A little pouch or cloth which you can stitch up to become a little bag Mortar and pestle (or something to grind your herbs in) Grated lemon peel (works to cleanse you and helps you start spiritually, and eliminates blockages and unwanted negativity) Myrrh or Lotus leaves, if you can find one or both of them (they both promote spiritual opening and magickal powers) Celery Seed (promotes mental and psychic powers, and assists in concentration)

Casting Directions for ‘Create A Magick Talisman’

Put the Goddess and God candles before you, with your empty pouch in between them,or you may make a pouch with some fabric and string and whatever if you know how, and light them. As you light each, say:
I invite the Divine Goddess to join me in this ritual. I invite the Divine God to join me in this ritual.
Sit in peace for a while and watch the flames. Focus on your gratitude for all that the Goddess and God have brought you and will bring you on your life. Say: Blessed be the Sacred Deities’ unity and duality.
Take your pouch and set your lemon peel in it, and say Lemon, cleanse me, and open me spiritually. Take your mortar and place the myrrh/lotus leaves and say: Myrrh/Lotus, open me spiritually and enhance my psychic powers. Then place your celery seed in it and say: Celery seed, bring me attention and concentration.
As you grind them up, concentrate on what you want to achieve with this talisman, everything that you want it to bring you and assist you with; how your life can improve with the perfect focus and intent. Then place your floor herbs in the pouch with the lemon peel, and seal it up.
Place the pouch back between the candles, and say: Goddess and God, please bless this magickal talisman for me, and help me follow its guidance as well as yours, for the highest good. Blessed Be.
Snuff out the candles. Keep your pouch on your altar or under your pillow, and keep it near when you execute magickal tasks and rituals, and when you meditate.

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