Chakra Opening


This report will explain to you how you can open your chakras and what color are they.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Chakra Opening’

First im going to show you what color are they and where they are located.
Crown – Top of the head – White
Third Eye – Middle of Forehead – Purple
Throat – Throat – Blue
Heart – Chest – Green
Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus – Yellow
Sacral – Right below your belly button – Orange
Root – Base of Spine – Red
Hand/Feet – Palms – White
And now we continue to our lesson.
Opening The Chakras: Sit in a quiet room.Relax and clear your mind. As soon as you’re totally relaxed take a moment to center yourself then visualize each chakra spot starting in the crown of your head slowly opening like a flower.So you would start at the crown or top of your mind visualize it slowly opening like a flower of the suitable color then proceed to your 3rd eye, throat charka, heart, solar plexus etc.. When doing this exercise it is ok if the charkas dont open completely on your first try, in fact dont force them to start. If one doesnt wish to start skip it and go into another then try again tomorow. 1 reason for this is because they have been dorment if you force them to open you can actually experience psychic shock. Which means because they were in a dorment stage and you open them fully you move form feeling virtually nothing to full use which your body/soul and chakras arent used to. They pick up all the different kinds of energy that causes an over load. If it helps, you can think of it as being in a dead quiet room all your life and then all of a sudden music with the volume all the way up comes on. It would hurt your ears and shock one thats for sure. Some people today experience psychic shock as a stabbing in there 3rd eye, bad head aches, dizzines, acting drunk among other things. This is usually followed by your charkas shut down and you
Literally need to let them rest and recuperate which can take anywhere from a week to a month to a year depending on how bad they are. They have not been used so you would like to slowly work up to them being open.Once that you begin this techniques you might start noticing certain chakras tingling when you get things. This is from your chakras sensing objects energies. Youll also notice that when your chakras are opened you recieve psychic information easier, your energy flow is raised etc.. If the flower technique isn’t to your liking or you want to bring a safety feature you can alter the visualization somewhat and see a white light focusing on each charka centre until they glow slightly. Every time you do this they should glow a little brighter. I recommend doing exercise no more than twice a day and it should take at least a month until they are fully open.

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