Casting the Magick Circle


This should be cast prior to any spell you perform.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Quartz crystal Feather of your choice Candle of any shade Bowl of water Wand

Casting Instructions for ‘Casting the Magick Circle’

Make sure you’ve got everything inside your potential circle before you start. Point your wand to the floor and imagine a line being drawn on the floor as you move in the ring. Draw your circle so you hit the quarters at the sequence of north, east, south, and west. After you have drawn the circle, then go to the northern part of your circle with the crystal. Chant the following:

I call upon the Northern Clan: Element of Earth, I request thee lend me your protection inside this working. Set the crystal there.

Go to the eastern point with your feather. I call upon the Eastern Bard: Element of Air, I ask of thee uplift my spirits, give me grace for the task at hand. Put the feather there.

Go to the southern point with the candle. I call upon the Southern Warrior: Element or Fire, I request thee praise me with your strength and courage during this period. Place the candle there.

Proceed to the western stage with the water. I call upon the Western Priest: Element of Water, I ask of thee revive my body, cleanse my thoughts for the magick I shall weave. Set the water there.

Stand in the middle of the circle and hold out your hands to your sides. I call upon the Center Fair: Spirit within and around me, I ask of thee revitalize my mind, rejuvenate my self, cleanse my soul.

Anytime you leave the circle for anything, walk like you would walk out of a tent. Be sure to shut the door behind you so not to let the magick out! Every time you open the door, the circle gets poorer.

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