Casting a dragon’s eye circle


a personally developed circle to draw elemental energy for protection and/or casting as a variation of the traditional pentagram in making a sacred space.

You will need the following items for this spell:

appropriate tools to measure and draw a circle and sigil
a pre-planned and focused intent of the desired use of the circle
iron or silver filings (optional)
an athame or other personal tool to represent an act of will (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Casting a dragon’s eye circle’

The spell has several uses much like any traditional circle you would draw, and can include; protection, healing, cleansing of a sacred space, and of course as preparation for working a spell or rite/ritual. As such the circle will follow the intent you hold while making it so feel free to incorporate the process into other magics you wish to perform.

Typically I draw this circle as a stand-alone when I want to create a small place of power by tapping into elemental energy and the earth’s ley-lines/dragon-lines. The shape of the dragon’s eye sigil is a natural draw of energy to a single point and the circle acts to hold that energy and lets it collect within the circle.

To make a temporary or one-time use circle, simply draw it wherever is most convenient for what you intend to do. As long as it is a place where you are not likely to be disturbed for the duration of what you intend to do with it. Ideally in a natural setting where you can make the circle a part of the ground such as in earth among trees, in sand at a beach, or in chalk on the stone of a cave or cliff/rock. For a more permanent circle, you can draw it into a circle of cloth or heavy fabric to carry with you and place where needed, or of course you can incorporate the circle into your altar room.

Drawing the circle;

1) Draw your circle using your personal height as the measurement of radius. This is the representation of your connection to and ownership of the circle. Any medium works, so pick based on where the circle is. A branch or knife for earthen places, chalk, wax, etc for a harder surface or one you don’t want damaged/carved. *tip* place a tent stake or weight into/onto the ground and tie a string to it that is measured to your height. Then just go around the circle with it stretched out to draw a smooth one every time.

2) imagine a clock face on the circle, with 12:00 being at north. estimate as close as you can three points on the circle, and mark them just inside the boundary. One at about the 2:00 hour, one at 6:00 hour, and one at 10:00. now connect the 10:00 to the 2:00, 2:00 to the 6:00 and of course the 6:00 to the 10:00 with straight lines, forming a triangle.

3) find a point as close to the middle of the triangle as you can. if there is a mark from the tent peg you used earlier, use that. Draw straight lines connecting each corner of the triangle to that central point. It should now look like a triangle made up of triangles, or like a pyramid if you were looking straight down at it from above.

If you want to deepen the protective nature of the circle, you can also lay twelve stones in sun-wise (clockwise) order to represent the light of the twelve star houses, placing each stone with a spoken personal affirmation of protection. My Go-to statement is ”I place this stone as I build this wall. The light of the twelve star-houses protects me.”

4) When the drawing of the circle is completed (and the stones are laid), return to the east side of the circle. reach down and smooth out/un-mark an area of the circle that is only wide enough for you to step through. If you placed stones, lift the one from the 3:00 position and place it in your pocket. This will be the key to your ‘door’.

5) Extras; if you have some fine iron or silver filings, you can sprinkle them about within the circle to act as a symbolic conductor of the energies you wish to draw up from below. You can also light incense, or use a singing bowl or chimes to represent the energy you wish to draw from above. Also, if this circle is being drawn as a part of a larger spell or ritual, this is when you would bring within any tools and offerings you plan to use to call your corners and otherwise do your working.

Closing/empowering the circle;

1) When it is time to use the circle and you have done all other preparations for your chosen intent, step to the ‘door’ to your circle and center yourself. A simple breathing exercise suffices. If you have a statement or affirmation you typically use to mark the beginning your magic rituals, you can do that now. If you laid stones, make sure you have the one you took with you when the circle was drawn. If you have a personal symbol of will that is not being included with the rest of your ritual like an athame, spear, sword, staff, or even just a sturdy stick, have that with you as well.

2) Step into the circle with confidence and full intent to use it for the task that it was built. Turn and draw closed the line of the circle so that it is once again complete. If you used stones, place the stone. With the theme of laying them before, I state ”The stone is Laid, the wall is built, the lock is sealed.” as I set it down.

3) Stand at the center of the circle, over the focal point of the dragon’s eye sigil. Raise your arms to shoulder height, palms upwards or outwards, your symbol of will (if you are using one) in your dominant hand. Breathe in, visualize yourself in a place of strength, authority, and focused will. Breathe that energy out into your circle.

4)As you breathe in again draw your hands together in front of you at chest height, elbows comfortably bent, repeating your visualization. When your hands come together, breathe out again and release the second wave of energy to empower the first.

5)Finally keep your hands together and raise them up slightly, to the height of your brow while breathing in. While breathing in, repeat the visualization of building energy within for a third time.

4) Once the breath in is completed, without hesitation blow it out firmly in a huff and thrust your hands downward. If you have a symbol of will, press it into the ground at the top of the circle between the border and the sigil. Imagine the built energy following the gesture to fill the ground/floor of your circle and empower the drawn lines within, connecting them into a single continuous, unbroken line of light that glows upward and downward. Imagine that energy connecting to the flowing energy of the earthen dragon-lines and the nebulous strands of the aurora in the sky.

You may now use the circle. This is where I usually sit at the center and meditate to raise my vibration to the highest state I can reach, letting the energies all collect and feed each-other to resonate within the circle. After a short time I imagine myself a bridge, allowing the healing and supportive energy of the earth to flow up my body from the soles of my feet through to upwards from the top of my head, and simultaneously imagine the highest vibration I can reach of spirit energy running through me from the top of my head through downwards to flowing out of my feet into the ground. Basically I allow myself to become a pipe to let earth and spirit energy connect into and feed/balance and heal each-other. For me it is a very powerful experience and can make a sacred space absolutely humm. Done even semi-regularly it can change the atmosphere of the whole place for an enduring time.

Opening/releasing the circle;

When you are finished with your task, and any summoned spirits/guides/guardians/etc are dismissed and the magic working is fully concluded, simply touch your palm to the place you earlier thrust your hand (or take a hold of your symbol of will) and lift it gently from the spot. While lifting, mentally let go of the pent up energy and imagine it flowing away and fading like a morning mist.

If you are keeping the circle in place for future use or to continue the working the next day/night, simply smooth out the eastern side of your circle and/or lift the stone at the 3:00 position and step out. Otherwise if you are finished with the space, clean up the site as you would any other circle by rubbing or washing out the circle and sigil and continue on your way.

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  1. You must have really thought something of my circle-casting method to want to share it on your own! I hope that you have found some good use from it, and that those who have likewise found it here have also found it to be helpful.

    It’s funny what random searching on Google will find on a bored evening. Like your own four-year-old circle casting! Oh the nostalgia…

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