Cartomancy #1


Read basic playing cards.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A deck of playing cards Prefered card spread

Casting Directions for ‘Cartomancy #1’

Generalisation of Suits:

Hearts : Emotions
Clubs : Social
Diamonds : Financial
Spades : Omens and Warning

3 Card Spread

1. Past
2. Present
3. Future
3 Card Spread X2

1. Path -What is currently causing concern, the challenge.
2. Cliff – Current danger
3. Bridge – What will save you; solve the Path.
All Aces are new beginnings:
Ace of Hearts: beginning of new Retrieval or Love ; Reverse(*), has to do with ones home and/or enviroment. Could represent a trip or change of address.
Ace of Clubs: beginning of new adventure; R.* indicates wealth, fame: with many friends or acquaintances. Feeling well known and being able to recieve certain perks as a result of great looks or social status.
Ace of Diamonds: success, new financial beginnings or deal ; R*. An important message. A letter or package/gift coming, the contents of which is of much importance.
Ace of Spades: new beginnings after a clash of ideal; R*. Bad information, loss of someone close, possible death, or illness.etc.
All Court Cards Represent Infuluential People Or Aspects Of Self
King of Hearts: Represents an influential man, someone with the power or ability to do something great for the querent.

Queen of Hearts: A trusted woman, someone educated, and faithful. One who always plays fair.

Jack of Hearts: A fantastic friend to the querent, someone close, a cousin or confidant. Someone they have known since childhood or for quite a long time.
King of Clubs: Represents a very good friend. A lifelong companion, somebody who can be trusted, and counted on durring times of sorrow.

Queen of Clubs: Represents a spouse or girlfriend in long term relationship for a man; for a woman, it signifies a husband or good friend, somebody who shares a lot of knowledge about the querent.

Jack of Clubs: Represents one who uses a whole lot of flattery, but just to make another feel better. Someone good at cheering the querent up.
King of Diamonds: A bitter rival, or dangerous competition for men; for girls it can mean an abusive person, or decietful Lover.

Queen of Diamonds:A flirtatious woman, one who will interfere with programs. Gossipy, and very appealing to men, able to get away with things and interfere in scenarios.

Jack of Diamonds: A bringer of bad news, a selfish person. Not harmful to male querents, but problems for a female.
King of Spades: A man who will cause problems in marriage or relationships. One who will divide, conquer, and destroy.

Queen of Spades: A cruel woman, one who meddles. For girls, betral by a fantastic friend. For men, a woman who’ll use them for their own profit.

Jack of Spades: A man who hangs around and gets in the way. Not a bad man, but a lazy one. Someone who will get in the way of progress. Takes and takes, but gives nothing back.
The minor suit cards will be awarded later in Cartomancy #2

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