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A Ritual For Blessing Your Garden

blessing your garden
Blessing Your Garden Your Way

In March, I started working on my vegetable garden. It has been quite the project, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We have talked about gardening many times over the course of the year. We even went to a local garden club meeting once to show off our new produce. This year was different though, I decided to bless my garden and the difference it’s made has been astounding. I thought no better way to explain then to share my ritual! Then you can experience what I have.

You may have heard that it is wise to have a garden guardian to help protect your garden from pests, though with that in mind you should still take other precautions to ensure you don’t get an infestation.
This ritual I designed to not only help with establishing a garden guardian, but also to bless the garden so it flourishes.

Everything You Need For Blessing Your Garden:

  • Incense of your choosing
  • 1 tea light or small candle
  • 4 quartz crystals
  • Representations of the elements: for example- FIRE: carnelian, AIR: star anise, WATER: shell, EARTH: flower/herb/leaf
  • Red wine or juice
  • A Garden Guardian (Statue or other thing of your choosing, you could even create)
  • Matches/lighter
  • Flat rock, tray, or another flat surface for things in this list

You can write your list in this!

Lets Get Started Blessing Your Garden

Lets go!
Let’s go! 

Set up your altar in a place where you will not be disturbed. I suggest doing your ritual during a New Moon – between Full to New is said to be the best time to do rituals.

Walk around your garden 7 times with the incense lit, visualizing your garden flourishing and sending your love to the garden. If you feel inclined talk aloud to your garden, or sing your wishes to it. When you feel complete, walk back to your altar and light the candle then really feel these words as you say/sing them to your garden:

“I call you, I call you mother, earth spirits
to ask for your assistance.
Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit,
let us combine our magic!
I ask of your permission to use this space,
your blessing to make this garden our sacred space.
I ask of your blessing, as I learn to harness strength and understanding from you to combine blessings,
to bestow on this land you’ve graciously provided.
During sun, rain, windy days and snow,
This garden of mine, I will love to see you grow.
Winter, summer, spring and fall,
I know you will flourish, all your flowers, vegetables each one, we love you all.”

Walk to your garden guardian, with your wine/juice.
Pouring it over your guardian continue:

“Feel my thanks, my offering, my gratitude,
for your support, your blessing and watchful eye.
Please be my guardian,  I choose you,
I trust you, to faithfully protect this sacred space.” 

Now quietly await the candle to burn out, while envisioning the garden growing and being plentiful. If you cannot wait, a few moments will do.

Why are you doing these things while blessing your garden?

In magic and witchcraft there is a lot of emphasis on where things are placed in all kinds of spells, rituals and other magical practices. It’s NOT just about having everything in the correct color, position or timing. Everything has a reason and a purpose when it comes to doing magic.

Firstly full moons are the best time for blessings, because it’s magic is more powerful then SO why not use that to your advantage helping your magic become more powerful in the process.

Next up the incense was important while blessing your garden because of the purpose. Depending on the incense you chose they have different effects, if you chose one for purification, cleansing or blessing this helps with removing any unnecessary energies from the area. 7 has always been a powerful number for me so that’s why I used the number 7 for me, some people use the number 3 because it can represent life, death and birth which is what will be and is happening in your space so it is fitting. Whatever you choose is completely up to you, you need to create a bond with this garden, as you are birthing it, hence where the visualizations came in to play.

So you set up an alter then why you ask? The candle is to help you focus, directing your energy towards the higher self, other beings and earth. The elements of course are there to ask for help from them as well, you want to show as much appreciation as you can for what is around us, as you need all these things for a plentiful well nourished garden.

Blood is a representative of life, which we are replacing with wine or juice in this ritual, so bring your guardian to life to protect your garden. Water is also a life giver, so this is an option as well! Your garden is whatever calls to you, whatever it will be, it will be.

I hope you enjoyed learning about blessing your garden!


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