Black Mirror


“Mirror mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of them all?” Remember that line from the “Evil Queen” from the Disney classic Snow White?

You may need the following items for this spell:

Buy a small 5×7 picture frame (you can buy an oval shaped one if you so choose)
can of flat black spray paint

Casting Instructions for ‘Black Mirror’

When you get it home take the glass out and make sure it is clean…. no finger prints.
Then paint the back side of it with the flat black paint and let it dry for about a half hour.
Then put it back together making certain the painted side is facing the back and you
now have your Black Mirror ready for you to consecrate and put on your shift for Scrying.He
who’s patient and always works at this will have success in the art.

Hopefully by now you’ve got a small alter set up to perform all your Magic Rituals. This is where you
want to establish your Black Mirror.
Mine sits center towards the back of one of my changes. Below is an image of one of my smaller
changes that is set up in my office.
You will want to arrange your candles on your alter so they aren’t seen from the reflection of the mirror
and that they don’t distract you in any way.
The first thing you need to do before beginning is decide what you will be Scrying for.
You will want to do the LBRP… but do the invoking version to begin with… in the end of your Scrying
you should do the normal Banishing LBRP to eliminate any spirits that may be still hanging around.
In case you have your own protection type of Rituals then you may use them instead.
Ok now that you’ve completed the invoking LBRP you need to sit on a comfortable stool that is the proper
height of your Alter. You don’t need to be standing for a long period of time…. That is why I use
a stool or chair. Sit and gaze (stare) into the Black Mirror. Ask the universe to bring you a vision or
call upon a spirit guide to show you exactly what you want or need to know. You’ll have to sit there and gaze
in the mirror for a great period of time…. You will know when it is
starting to work when you have reflection vanishes and all you see is black. That’s the trick to knowing
that you are getting near success. From there on is when your dreams will start to appear. The
first few times you might not even see all black… you will most likely get bored and quit. This is not the
manner of the Magician. Patience is a virtue with magic. So it might take a few times to get the complete
black out effect. From then on you have to strive to keep gazing into the mirror. You may only get a
glimpse of a unfamiliar face or an unknown landscape. But as the weeks progress you will have
success. Among the other most important things besides clinic is that you communicate to the world
or into your spirit guides as to your desires when Scrying. Some of you will find this very simple and many
others will simply say this doesn’t work and you will never do it again. Like all magic nothing comes
immediately or without true dedication and practicing the art. And all it takes an altered state of
consciousness…. However you so decide to get in that frame of mind.

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