Black Magick Revenge


This spell is very powerful and will work. This is for emergency only.

You will need the following items for this spell:

13 small black candles A lighter A pencil Something significant from the person you are casting the spell on 1 chicken heart 1 needle 1 sheet of parchment paper Twine 3 drops of blood Salt to draw a pentagram

Casting Instructions for ‘Black Magick Revenge’

Draw the pentagram. Put every object where the belong. (13 candles in a circle, parchment paper on the ground.) As you state, as you do so, light the 13 candles:
I call upon the power of the king crowley,
As I prepare this spell come to my side.
May this person feel pain.
Place the parchment paper on the pentagram you drew on the floor. With that, place the impotant object (jewlery, photo, neckless ,ect. .) Then on the parchment paper you put on the pentagram. Now as you do this chant this x3:
I call on crowley to assist me,
As I cast a hex on the person I seek.
May what I wish come with Plenty of power
So this spell will be complete.
So mote it be
When done chanting. Place the chicken center on the object. As you do this take the 13 black candle and drop 2 drops from each candle on the heart. So picture what you want to happen to them as you do. Then spend the needle/knife and cut your hands so that you might drop 3 drops of your blood on the wax. Chant 5 times:
I wish (name) will feel (what you want to occur)
After the ritual is finished. Blow out the candles stating this:x13
Hear my desire, so mote it be
Wrap the parment newspaper with every item indoors. Tie it up with the twine. Dig a hole and put the package in the hole.

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