Bestow Upon me Satan


Satanic prayer.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Bestow Upon me Satan’

Bestow upon me
The characteristics of the Dragon
Overwhelming strength,
Vanquishing all weakness
Uncompromising power,
To manifest my will
A fierce presence,
In the face of my enemies
Dreadfully protective,
A shield for those I care about
May its passion burn in my soul,
Keeping the black flame bright

Bestow upon me
The characteristics of the Serpent
Possessing ancient wisdom,
Creative in my solitude
Believably cunning,
So I can make my way
When people attack extremely ruthless
In constant renewal,

Till it consumes me

Bestow upon me
The characteristics of the Peacock
Prideful in appearance,
Always showing off my beauty
Immortal spirit,
Living on throughout the ages
Steadfast in everything,
Willing to go anywhere necessary
In stature,
A presence to be reckoned with
May its essence fill my body,
Making every step one of confidence

Bestow upon me, Satan,
The Raven’s characteristics
Forever watchful,
Never ceasing to watch those around me
Highly intelligent,
Knowing what to do in every situation
A spiritual figure,
So I will teach others
Master of death,
When my time has come, embracing it
May its darkness surround me,
Where each living being will feel you

Bestow upon me
The Goat’s characteristics
Stubborn in adversary’s face,
Never thwarted in my Targets
Fearless in the face of fear,
Doing what others dare not
Without limits,
Climbing every mountain in my way
Wild to abandon’s purpose,
Free to be who I’m meant to be
May its energy spark desire and my faith,
Forever holding high Baphomet’s horns

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