Become an Avian


This charm will turn you into an avian and you get your wings in one lunar cycle (29.5 days).

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Become an Avian’

Go out on a non windy or windy day and make sure its day. Close your eyes and imagine pure white wings on your back, can you feel the blood flowing through them? Let that feeling fill you with joy and happiness.

Now once youve achieved step two, envision that those pure white wings are filling up with your desired choice of colour (can be any colour even rainbow colored wings will work) also envision with the color what kind they are (bird wings?) And then feel the blood flowing through them again but this time with the desired colour. Say the spell 3 times clearly and calmly, not too fast (so it cant be a whisper)

Terrific Goddess of nature and the spirits of the wind, let those wings grow upon my back. Allow me to no longer be human, but the avian that I have wished to be. Let these wings rise from my back in just one lunar cycle. Mother Earth, permit the clay used to make me be shaped one more. With my wings Ive always dreamed, let my eyes to change to the purest (colour). I will be forever grateful and humble. Oh great Goddess and wind souls, I’ll never do evil so long as these wings lay upon my back. I’ll always do what I believe in and what is right. I will never allow darkness tempt me to defy my oath. If I do evil, you may eliminate these wings from my spine, as I will not be worthy of these.

After you have said the spell 3 times, close your eyes and envision your wings (with color) shimmering with new found power then open them again.

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