Banish Slander


To Banish False, Libel or Slander Accusations

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Banish Slander’

Gather the following: White paper Red Pen Cloves (powdered or whole) – quite a bit A small bowl Incense stick or oil burner if possible Time of spell Seven Days On a little piece of the white paper with the red pencil, right the name of your accuser or libeler BACKWARDS, twice, in a list format. Roll this up piece of paper very small and put in the little bowl. (A great way to boost this spell is to tie the paper with a Witches knot.) Tie 3 times a knot and bless it each time in name or the Morrigan If you’ve got powdered cloves, great, if not, crush the cloves with a mortar and pestle, or grind them in your food processor, or coffee grinder you need enough to cover the piece of paper in the bowl completely and have enough to take some from the bowl every morning and night for seven days without discovering the paper. Every morning and evening for seven days, have a pinch of the cloves and burn them, inhaling and watching the smoke when imagining and meditating on the accusations or libel against you or your loved one also going up in smoke. End your day this way. (The burning cloves smell great, very relaxing) On the seventh night, burn all of the remaining cloves and the paper with the writing on it. Feel that the libel and slander is done, that no one will believe these false statements and that it’s all turned to ashes for the one against you. When the ashes have cooled, eliminate them in living water, a river, stream, lake, the sea. If you do not have a source of living water near you, down the drain or toilet functions .

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