Auriel’s Circle of Angelic Healing


A spell to boost an angelic circle so the Guardians upon the Watchtowers may offer their help in healing.

You will need the following items for this spell:

4 candles
Quartz rose
Rose essence oil
White or yellow ink
A fireproof bowl
Dried rose blossoms, 7
Athame or Wand
A calm mind
Experience with meditation and energy working

Casting Instructions for ‘Auriel’s Circle of Angelic Healing’

First raise power by either dancing or singing or some combination of the two, thou singing and chanting are best for this spell.
Cast a circle, marking the four quarters with the 4 candles, anointed in rose oil. These candles may be plain white or yellow beeswax but must be anointed from the rose oil. On the Eastern candle etch the alchemical sign for ground with either wand or athame. On the southern candle enscribe the symbol for Water, on the Western candle that the symbol for Earth and on the north Fire.
As you telephone in each quarter, say these words:
I call on Uriel, Angel in the North, Regent of the Sun and Protector of Magick, I call thee to bear witness. Please lend the all sight of your flaming gaze.
I call on Raphael, Angel of the East, light bearer And divine healer, I all thee to bear witness. Please protect me with the healing hand of thine.
I call on Michael, angel of the South, Prince of Heaven and Knight of Valor and Justice, I call thee to this sacred circle. Please guard it with flaming sword and stalwart shield.
I call on Gabriel, angel of the West, Aegis of Women and Protector of Peace. I call thee to this sacred circle. With Lily in hand, lend they gentle Grace.
Between each candle quarter place a quartz.

When the ring is raised, light from the northern candle a fire and put it in the bowl. Take time to center again and then take the ink and paint alchemic symbols of Fire in 3 rings of equal distance from wrist to elbow onto your left arm. On the right paint the symbols.
Now collect the rose blossoms and concentrate energy on your palms, through the candles, crystals and sigils, from the divines that have accumulated.

Say these seven lines, dropping a rose blossom in the fire at the end of each and focusing on the final result of your healing.
At the sunrise, man fell and all Earth lay hurt.
But the gentle Watchers saw the pain visited unfairly upon baby man.
And in kindness and grace, they provided boon of heaven to ease the wounds of sin.
Leaves of Healing from the trees beside the river Euphrates, Myrrh from the Lost Land of Ophrah.
Wings of Seraphim provided as shield from the storm wind, as light in the dark.
Bless me with healing that I may share the gifts of creation.
Let this recovery be caused by feathered wing by divine grace that all glory may ascend with all the smoke and flame.
With every petal picture the sparks and burning flame gathering about the marks on your arms and on your palms. Feel the sympathy that the angels offer. Release all this gathered energy at the final verse and then lift the circle in the proper fashion.c

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