Attracting One’s Love


To acquire the love of one paticular person…

You will need the following items for this spell:

Cauldron (Something like this)
Paper 3×3 inches
Something red to draw with

Casting Directions for ‘Attracting the Love of One’

At nighttime light a little fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to contain the fire. Cut a sheet of paper that is 3 inches by 3 inches out. Draw a heart on it and colour it in with red. Write the name of the person’s title that you desire on the heart. While doing all this be thinking of this person being attracted to you and not being able to resist you! Think of his or her heart burning with desire for you like the fire’s flames. Then kiss the name on the heart 3 times. While saying these words 3 times, place the paper in the fire. Do so with sincerity…

Fire come from under, bring me love that I shine, Make my heart blaze and do know, to bring! My love will come a day to stay! SO MOTE IT BE!
Stay and meditate on the spell you just did, seeing it come true! After you are finished concentrating for a few minutes, extinguish the fire. Soon you will be come to by your love! From – Phantom120

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