Attract your Crush


This spell Wilk make anyone you kove that’s near you, or your crush, will feel atracted to you. This spell works as powerful for the sex, but there might be some consequences if the person is not atracted to the sex.

You may need the following items for this spell:

3 Red Candles
Name of the person
Picture of the individual (picture on your phone, published or a strong image in your mind)

Casting Instructions for ‘Attract your Crush’

First of all, make a triangle out of the candles, but dont mild them yet! Set the photo in the triangle or simply think about hard. Go inside the circle and light the candles, with his image on your hand/mind. Light the candles and sit inside of it. Think for a few minutes, making a connection as if your presence was being felt by the or you theirs. If you feel you reached that the following is chanted by state three times or more.

Youre my fantasy and youre my desire

Godeses and gods light his thoughts on fire

The fire that (name of the individual) wont resist

But only when he sees me it Will make him believe,

This im

Pour in his mind thought of me.

Take the candles and pour the melted wax gry to generate a Heart, once you feel it worked, or have the feeling of existence of him. Blow off the candles and under your pillow, place it following the wax dries from your picture. Gry to fall asleep thinking. If you want you can repeat this spell in the dark moon and carry on till the full moon. This ia my first spell so that it may not work,but believe in it and it Wilk work!

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