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Their are many kinds of vampirism.

The first is what I call Total Pure True Vampirism
With it you simply need to make a spell that turns you into (and specifically mention at least True Vampirism), because there none out there and I’m not yet powerful enough, but I will be.

The side effects are:
The sunlight is Hell and murder without protection

Silver weakens you, burns you, and you of your strength drain

You literally and in all reality are undead: you do not have a soul, a psychic vampire can’t drain your psychic energy because you have no soul for it to be emptied from! I know from experience.

You want to drink human blood from live humans to increase your powers.
no need for sleep
and paler skin (not chalk pale)

There is also a similar kind of vampirism that is obtained by stating the “ode to the vampire mother” in the moonlight (preferably outside if you don’t want vampires on your house or apartment)

The only differences that I understand is that you do no have to drink human blood from live humans to improve your powers and you still have a soul and therefore are not undead.

The other kind of vampirism would be the kind that you can find spells for on this site (as long as they say turn me into a vampire with nothing too specific, then it will work)
the side effects are:
Needing no more sleep
thirsting for blood
sun burns
Senses, speed, and strength
and paler skin (not chalk pale)

There is also what I call “the made up kind”
The spellcasters make the spell special and according to the way they want it, they are unlike any other kind of vampire.

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