Activating Your Powers


This is the most promising spell if you want to be a witch. If you want to go a step further than any True Witch and become a Gemini Witch, join Spells Of Magic site and message me.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 towel 2 candles (only colored red, yellow, or white) salt (bathing salts are more powerful) hard surface belief cold water in a relatively large bowl (not a plastic bowl)

Casting Instructions for ‘Activating Your Powers’

Place the towel on a surface. Take the candles and put one on each end of the towel (lengthwise), making certain they’re parallel to one another. Take the salt, and sprinkle it into a visible circle shape on the towel. Put the bowl of cold water at the centre of the salt. Chant the following three times, beginning at a whisper, and ending at a shout:
factus liberatio heka
Dunk your face in the water for as long as possible.
Proceed to sleep within an hour of the spell. It will take some time for one to be sleeping, but you’ll eventually. When you awake, your Powers should be activated. Within two days, you have to choose your magical path: Elemental Power, Healing Power, or the Gemini Path*.
After choosing your route, you can only do the Chosen magic. If you don’t Pick, your magic will close forever. To select Elemental Power, you must take a leaf from the floor, put it in a bowl of water and simmer once: elementum factus
To choose Healing Power, dip your finger in water, smear it across your forehead and chant: factus medice
Good luck on your Witching journey!

*Selecting the Gemini Path takes another set of incantations. Message me through this site for additional information on how to choose the Gemini Path. I won’t publisize the incantation, for it is different for each Witch.

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  1. Hi, I would like to learn about the ritual for the Gemini Path for someone who is not a twin and doesn’t know of any twins in the family.


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