Abandonment Spell


A spell if you feel abandoned and lost. Great to help those children who are ditched by their parents for one reason or another.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 Votive White Candles
1 small Gray Candle
Incense blend of the following: Pinch of Cinnamon, Pinch 2 pinch of Chamomile flowers, of Chicory Root, Pinch of High John the Conqueror

Casting Directions for ‘Abandonment Spell’

On your altar set the candles. As you see light and fit your candles you divinities. Take the herbs and blend them together. They are looking for, as you do think about people are often abandoned and lonely and how happy they are if they find those; be it family or friends. Concentrate on this until your sense the energy in the herbs come vibrant and alive.

Now take the herbal mixture and begin to burn it. Just take a breathe in of the mixture to help wake up.

Take up the candle in your hand. Hold it tight and begin ti infuse the candle with strength energy. As being the cube which divides the people/person in question and those visualize the candle they are searching for. As you do this chant the following:

“Strong you are and strong you may be,
But mountains fall into sands of grain.
Stand your ground for Now
But know that you can not stand for ever.
When you do fall,
That which you hide will be revealed.
The power of abandonment
Along with the power of you that are such may well be,
However you’ll quickly fall and set _______ free.”

Place the candle that is gray and pick up one of those candles that are white. Infuse and permit this candle with the image of the person abandoned. Chant the following as you do this:

“Sweet _______, so loving, so caring and so lonely.
Stand strong and stand tall.
Know that nothing lasts forever
And what you look for you think.
______ stands,
The faster your obstacles will fall.”

Place the candle on one side of the candle that is grey. Now take up the other white candle. Infuse the picture of those who said person is searching for. It does not have to be a caring relative, although a particular individual or buddy. As you do this chant the following:

“You _______ who seem so far off, you how are so fond
Someone is seeking for you who loves and cares .
That which separates you two will be destroyed
And soon you will be together.”

Set the candle on the other side opposite of the first one that is white, of the candle.

Light the candle. Followed by the personal candle and then the goal candle.

Now hold our hands over that candles, not too close! Chant the following and you empower the set of candles:

“That which is, shall soon no longer be.
S/he who has been abandoned will soon be set free.
By air, fire, water and earth,
Abandonment I make gone, This I need, this I swear.
Abandonment now more shall be a part of life
No tears will be shed, no more strife!
______ feel abandoned no longer.
To you I bring peace and love to your door”

Allow the candles burn down. The candle that is grey, being smaller will burn out. As soon as you find that has happen place it against the goal candle and take up the white candle that was personal, thus, the wall which separates person is gone and people are united.

(All my spells are well worked numerous times over by others and myself. End effects and Time goals may vary with each person. If you have any questions, please ask.)

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