A Lost Lover’s Rage


This is a break up spell and love spell all in one. Use this to break up an ex that you want and love with current boyfriend/girlfriend then make them yours .

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 booklet of matches
1 tall red candle to represent rage
1 short red candle to signify love
1 pencil, pencil, or marker
3 pieces of paper (size of paper Doesn’t matter)
2 photos of the ex
1 photo of the ex’s current boyfriend/girlfriend

Casting Instructions for ‘A Lost Lover’s Rage’

Write the title and D.O.B. of your ex on 2 pieces of paper and the name and D.O.B. of your exs present boyfriend or girlfriend on 1 piece of paper. When you say the title of your exs present boyfriend or girlfriend in the spell, use one match to burn their name, D.O.B. and picture. Same with when you say the exs name in the spell.

Light the red candle and say. As my the fire of my love burns low. Let this man or woman (name of the exs current boyfriend or girlfriend) who dareith to keep my love from me feel love no more for the woman or man that was once with me. Let them now be apart and never as one and when this spell is completed, he or she that beith with my previous love known as (name of the ex) be on her or his way to search for love from someone new. Goddesses gods and Spirits of love this is what I call upon thee to do. Break their hearts and let them be eternally. So mote it be

To reunite you with your love, wait until the next night. Then light the candle that is short and say this. (NOTE-make certain to burn with 3 matches the last piece of paper with your exs D.O.B. and title and second picture of your ex when you say their name in this spell.) :

Now that nobody stands in my way. My pain and anger have gone into decay. And my flame of love is ready to burn so bright once more. But only if I am reunited with a lost love whom I love. Gods, Goddesses and Spirits of love, I cry out to thee. To reunite the hearts of (name of ex) and me. Mend and heal our hearts lovingly and reignite our love forever. Let this be done for me. I begith thee. So Blessed Be.

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