Produce a dark servitor


This spell produces a servitor in the energies of the night to do your bidding. It must be banished once their given task is done or one lunar cycle has passed from their creation.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black modeling clay (must be the non-drying kind)
A small clipping of your hair
Something to etch from the clay with (pencil, your fingernail, etc)

Casting Directions for ‘Produce a dark servitor’

You should create the servitor on the night of the moon period most suitable to the servitor’s purpose. Take the black clay and shape it into a form that seems appropriate to it’s destined purpose (an imposing looking figure if you wish to control someone, etc). Make it look like anything you want. Dig out a little hole in the middle of your figurine and set your hair inside it (a few strands is more than enough). Close it up with the clay, so it is complete and say:
Creature of clay, be whole with this part of me, for without it you are nothing. Come forth from the shadows and inhabit this form. Thou art that has been born from the darkness of the night, your name is now (name your servitor here, take care to not use the same name twice in case you perform the spell more than once or use servitors in different spells and rituals), and if thy name is called, you shall obey without question.
Etch the title of the servitor in the clay, and visualize the name glowing brightly white once you complete it.
(servitor’s title), for me you shall do this job. (describe what you want the servitor to perform, like reunite you with someone, keep someone away from you, etc) By my dark will, so mote it be.
When the day comes that you no longer need the servitor, do the following. [Remember, when the task is complete or it has been active for a full lunar cycle (example: if you did it on the new moon, you should launch it on the following new moon), you must banish it or face the consequences of it gaining it’s own power from the future.] Smudge the etched name on the servitor so it is no longer visible. Visualize the purple light you saw once before vanishing like a candle that has been put out.
(servitor’s title), thy task is done, and you are no more. I return your remains to the basis of the dark night from whence you came. So mote it be.
Extract your hair from the servitor and bury it. Squish the figurine until it is nothing more than a ball of clay, and bury it far from your home, and away from where you place your hair.

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