Witch Wreath


A protective charm to repel negative energy from a room/office/home. Pretty and decorative as well! Think: dream catcher for daylight.

You will need the following items for this spell:

6″ grapevine wreath 3″ grapevine wreath acorn, flowers (for decoration) hemp cord cotton fabric cotton thread herbs of your choice (just a tiny pinch of each) quartz stone (small) red paint runes incense of your choice

Casting Instructions for ‘Witch Wreath’

*Feel free to make ANY substitutions you wish! I think things work best when personalized to you or the person you’re giving it to. *
(keep in mind my decisions were based on my sister’s need to deal with stress at work – when I make my own, I’ll use unique herbs. I have included the ones that I used for her as reference and examples.)

Perform bathtub or a cleansing meditation. Gather your ingredients and light your favorite incense.

Draw 2 runes, the 1st for present circumstances, 2nd for outcome.
Using red paint, paint these runes. Set aside to dry.

Select your herbs. (I used cinnamon powder and sticks, hops flowers, juniper, lemon balm, meadowsweet, nettles leaf, pine needle, red sandalwood chips, white willow bark, timber bettony) Place half of each onto your incense burner. Establish the other half aside.

Sew a very small pouch of your cotton fabric. Put the rest of the herbs and the quartz stone inside. Sew closed.

Using the hemp cord, wrap the wreaths together. (I chose to center the small one inside the big one and wrapped in a “hidden pentagram” pattern) Create a loop for hanging at the top.

Sew the pouch. Attach any decorative items you have chosen. (I put the acorn at the top, the pouch along with a silk flower at the bottom.)

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