Witch Bottle for Protection


Witch bottles were used a lot in old times. They were thought to be protecting people from curses of evil witches and bad spirits.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Bottle that is painted very dark blue (it still needs to be transparent)
Juniper berries
Black nightshade berries
1 lodestone
Olive oil (or an appropriate oil for protection)
1 Black candle
9 nails
9 needles
9 razor blades or any sharp object

Casting Directions for ‘Witch Bottle for Protection’

1. In order to obtain juice squeeze black nightshade berries
2. Pour nightshade juice to cauldron and boil it
3. Mince garlic and juniper and put them to cauldron while and brew them with juice of nightshade for 1-2 hours (you can add some water) you may also add herbs related to cursing and/or bringing.
4. While the potion is brewing, burn and decorate your home. Add ashes to salt and mix it until salt turns black or gray
5. Cool the potion and start the ritual
6. You may invoke any type of deity, saint, spirit that is linked to spirits and security. Hecate such as can help a good deal since she is the gatekeeper of soul. Initiate the ritual with a prayer that is acceptable for you, you might read homeric hymns if you are pagan, or use psalms if you’re christian.
7. Throw needles, nails and blades to the bottle
8. Pour ashes and salt into the jar
9. Now you need to consecrate the lodestone to attract spirits and charms which have ill intend against you and place it into the bottle
10. Pour potion and urinate or spit in the bottle, this will function as a taglock but remember, only urine or spit. And after doing this, read a prayer
11. Mix and pray or chant. Now the charm is done, now you will need to fix and activate it.
12. For fixing, anoint the candle and carve protective sigils, prayers or anything on it. Then, shut the lid of the bottle and seal it with wax of candle, now charm is fixed and ready to come to life.
13. Set the candle in the center of the lid and continue chanting, you can burn incense if you would like.
14. After candle completely burned, chant the normal spell you normally do in your candle spells, now charm is active
15 Quickly go somewhere that is distant from your office, home and your nearest and dearest and burry it or hang it from a tree.
16. Most supernatural harm that is aimed to you’ll be trapped in that bottle, bottle can sometimes burst with no motive, that mean it has filled with so much curses, evil spirits etc. it destroyed itself. Do purifying in that place if that happens and purify yourself. Create another witch bottle and burry/hang it.

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