Twig of Truth


This is a spell that could point you to your answers. Just like any spells and rituals in magick workings, if you do not try you wouldn’t know the outcomes.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 small piece of paper for each of the possible answers to your question. (Yes, you will need to write down each of the possible answers to your question.) One small coin for each of the possible answers to your question. 1 small, fresh twig stripped of its leaves. 1/2 teaspoon of tea leaves A pen A lighter (or matches) A baking pan 3 White candles

Casting Instructions for ‘Twig of Truth’

Step 1

Fill the pan with water and place it onto a flat surface, like a table.

Step 2

The tea leaves on the surface of the water.

Step 3

Light all 3 candles.

Step 4

Close your eyes and ask your question in your mind.

Visualize the situation you’re asking about clearly…

Step 5

Leave the pan and tea leaves and candles undisturbed for 1 hour. (Keep your eye on the candles and make sure they’re ok…)

Step 6

After an hour, take every little piece of paper and write 1 possible answer to your question on each.

(I.e. you could just have 2 pieces of paper. . .and you write YES or NO on each. Or. . .you could have several choices in your life. . .like multiple job opportunities to pursue. . .or a few different love interests to choose from.)

Step 7

Arrange the pieces of paper evenly spaced and face down on the table around the pan.

(The paper must be face down, or the spell wont work)

Step 8

Then take each coin and then dip it into the water.

After having dipped each coin, then lay it on each of the bits of paper.

Step 9

Take the fresh twig and break it to a longth short enough so that it fits in the pan with plenty of space to spare.

(NOTE: Dont get it wet yet!!)

Step 10

Together with a match or your lighter, scorch one end of the twig. . .be careful.

The scorched finish is the pointing end.

Step 11

Hold the twig, scorched end down, above the pan (about 24 inches above the pan), and drop it in the pan.

Step 12

Permit the twig to float. . .when it stops and remains in 1 position, determine which of the pieces of paper that the scorched end of the twig is pointing closest to.

This is your solution.

I hope the response is the one youre awaiting.

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