To Find a New Lover


Best if performed at the time of the New Moon. You use everything new so that you change the vibration and can look forward with hope. It is representational and is carried out at the time of the New Moon for the same reason.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Heart shaped rose petal or a red heart cut out of paper.
Clean sheet of White Paper
New Pen
New Candle (preferably pink)
New Envelope

Casting Instructions for ‘To Find a New Lover’

On the day of a New Moon, cut a red heart out of paper or card.
Take the paper and with the pen write on it:
As this heart shines in candlelight,

I draw you to me tonight

Bathe and change into nightclothes.

When you feel ready, light the candle and
read the invocation out loud.

Hold the heart in front of the flame and let thecandlelight shine on it.
Place the heart and spell in the envelope.
Seal it with wax from the candle.
Conceal the envelope and leave it untouchedfor one cycle of the Moon (28 days).
By the time the Moon is New again, thereshould be new love in your life.
So many need companionship and partnership to boost their feeling of self-worth that to do a spell likethis means, as always, that one must be willing to take on everything that a partnership brings.

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