The Black Dot of Vengeance.


Warning this spell isn’t to be used unless you’re entirely sure you wish to use it. This spell has detrimental effects to those who cast it and use it on your enemies. In older Legend in the days of the Pirate If someone was given the black dot which was be Sac-religious and This was a great Disrespect but as always a legend could be true. . .This is a secret handed down from 1000 years and forgotten, This may be the first spell to surface in over a long time. Now….How to Preform the Black Dot.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1: Sheet of paper from the bible which contains The Father of Darkness’s Name. 2: Black Paint. 3: Thy Enemies Name. 1 One Candle Black.

Casting Instructions for ‘The Black Dot of Vengeance.’

First Take the sheet of Paper and write your enemies name onto it, After you have done so then paint a black dot onto a piece of paper and chant the following after light your candle. ” _____ I call down the Wrath of hell upon you. By this Blasphemy I chased you ___ From the title of the Evil. I curse you In the name of which is unholy. I DAMN THEE FOR BETRAYING ME I DAMN THEE FOR DISGRACING ME I DAMN THEE FOR ALL THE PAIN THOU HATH CAUSED ME, SO SHALL MY WILL BE DONE! AND SO MOTE IT BE!”

Blow the candle out and pour a small drop onto the center of the black dot go find your Enemies and give this paper to them if they take it into there hand. . .Then Wrath shall befall them, put it under there bed and until it’s removed or burned. . .then they will suffer. . .so pretty much no ones gonna know to burn take heed to this warning. And I recommend that you let them take it, then take it back and burn it after all is done and thy desire hath been met.

Spell by ~PigWolfPaul. ~

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  1. Please pray for me that Satan will allow my fellow Satanist ( ELENA) come to me from Russia to Virginia. She brought me to Lord Satan about.please ? Gary.


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