Switching Spell


To get rid of habits that were basd and give.

You will need the following items for this particular spell:

A piece of paper A pencil Frankincense oil A small plate or saucer 1 white candle (Do these measures at a simple altar setup)

Casting Directions for ‘Switching Spell’

(Do these steps at a basic altar
STEP 1: Spend a minute to think about
any bad habits you have… and select
one that’s been bothering you for
the longest. The one you wish to
get rid of the most.
If you cant think of one at first,
dont worry. . .we all have at least
one, and youll think of it within
7 minutes.
STEP 2: Write down this awful habit
on a single side of this paper.
STEP 3: Write your full birth name
on the other side of this paper, along
with your deepest immediate desire.
(Dont get too greedy here… make
it a reasonable request…)
STEP 4: Annoint (moisten) the corners
of the paper with frankincense oil.
STEP 5: Put this in the small
plate or saucer with your name
facing up. (This is important
that your title faces up!)
STEP 6: Annoint (rub) a number of the
frankincense oil along the sides
of your white candle.
STEP 7: Place the candle on top
of the paper, on the dish, and
light it.
STEP 8: Let it burn for 7 minutes,
while you see it, and visualize
your exact bad habit turning into
a grayish smoke. . .and escaping
your body from the top of your
STEP 9: Next. . .visualize a bright
white light coming down from above,
entering through the top of your
head. . .and charging your spirit
with energy to attract the
deepest desire you wrote down
on the paper…

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