This article will teach you how to summon a succubus or incubus, you are doing this Succubus/Incubus ritual at your own risk!!! Groups: Summon, Invoking, Sexual and Erotic.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black scrying mirror [essential] White Candle “no tealights” [essential] A room [essential] A dark room [essential] A large towel [essential] Some cord or string [essential] A room [urge] Incense [recommend]

Casting Instructions for ‘Succubus/Incubus’


= that is essential Absolutely necessary and extremely important.
Recommend= Offering suggestions about the best course of action.
Accessible to be chosen but not obligatory.

Personal experience: so as to have sexual intercourse with you I had succubus appeared in my dreams many time since 2003 my succubus like any succubus likes takeing the form of a woman, I am happy in a good health and with my succubus. I’m not a religious person but in my personal opinion succubus are a part of djinn group and they are being of passion (pure fire or smokeless fire) I say that because my succubus told me so.

1. If under 18 you have to have your parents or guardians permission you are 18 or over.
2. You are heterosexual.
3. Willing to have sexual intercourse with entity.
4. You’ve got experience in the following or little; meditation, void meditation and lucid dreaming.

So you have tried summoning a Succubus or Incubus with the ritual known as SuccubusGirlfriend1, SuccubusGirlfriend2, SuccubusGirlfriend3, IncubusBoyfriend1, IncubusBoyfriend2 and IncubusBoyfriend3 well this is my last one so a word of caution from me I do not recommend this for newbies or inexperienced magic users or anyone under the age of 18.

If you have elders or any little children sleeping nearby then DO NOT DO THIS IN APPARTMENT!!!!!!

NOTE: I never done this ritual on a incubus, this Succubus/Incubus ritual is being performed by you at your own risk !!

I wrote SuccubusGirlfriend1, SuccubusGirlfriend2, IncubusBoyfriend1 and IncubusBoyfriend2 they are the paths towards requesting the correspondence method I wrote IncubusBoyfriend3 and SuccubusGirlfriend3 is safe for experience magic users, Incubus or a Succubus. This being far more dangerous than the correspondence method, although I will introduce of calling a succubus/incubus another means.


This works best at full moon phase but may be performed at any given moon phase, best time 3am but may be done between 12am-4am.

Making certain that you’re not currently considering you and place the candle where the flame is centered in reflection own manifestation [your face] try keeping the mirror at an angle, cannot stress how important this really is. Cord and the Towel is used for emergencies if things go wrong and as such should be prepared in such a way it can quickly be used to cover the mirror and tie up the towel. Under no circumstance should you use the mirror else to break.

You ought to sit in an upright position and begin to meditate for great 40 minutes, your mind must be a clean It is important to let everything go and your breathing deep and regular. Then you’re ready to start, when you’re at the point of not feeling your body.

As with most other rituals that your focus point is the candle’s flame. However it must be the reflection of the fire. It’s important that you at this stage. This reflection is the real flame, forget everything around it and concentrate on the manifestation.

You will begin to see the curve and twist of strange halo about the fire, constantly shifting and swirling in different forms and colors. Let yourself be lost in the spectacle.

Then take a deep breath and call to Lilith. There is no formulation of what to speak, just keep in mind that you must give her the highest form of respect. As always Intent is the key to success here. Put and your focus to your own words. Mean it like your life depends on it. I will give a small example of what you can see, but feel free to change it to whatever suits you best

“I’m [fullname] and I call to you great Lilith, mother of Succubi and Incubi.” Repeat this 3 times

“I am pure of thought and seek no ill intention and ask your forgiveness if I have offended you with my calling”

Wait a few moments after this, keep your eyes and watch for a response.

If you see changes in the fire such as mad flickering then you must abort with the following or falling and rising

“I humbly apologize to you great Lilith and draw from your greatness”

In such a situation you need to close the ritual .

“I now ask all other spirits, demons and entities that have been drawn to my ritual to begone and leave in peace.”

Then make sure and refocus your gaze just you see nothing else. If necessary repeat the dismissal that is above again.

If however you see something move or is in unfamiliar to you then you take the mirror have to blow out the candle and cover it in a towel . Remove it from your home and tie it in a towel and Wrap it up, and never bring it back!

I know this sounds extreme, but believe me ; if you have attracted something else which doesn’t leave after a dismissal you don’t want to keep the mirror.

If the flame stays calm then you may continue

“Great Lilith, it’s my heart’s desire that one of your kids visit me. I seek no gain from this visit other than to bask in the presence of your magnificent daughter or son (pick one). I won’t ever make any claims towards her and promise to not bind her against her will.”

Make a pause and watch the reflection of the flame to get a reaction that is negative

“Thank you great Lilith for hearing my desire. If you grant me this favor then let this fire guide your daughter to me.”

It is now essential to focus on the flame with the goal of calling a succubus or incubus.

It’s important for you to understand. You will notice Incubus or the succubus from the mirror as she/he arrives in form to you. This isn’t the form that you imagine her/him to be, but instead the form she/he wants you to see, and in some instances (at least from my experience) this can be horrific in nature.

Under NOOOOOO circumstances are you to abort the ritual at this stage by freaking out. If you see something in the mirror that’s too much for you behold close your eyes, take a deep breath and state.

“Thank you daughter/son of Lilith for visiting me. I kindly request that you show yourself to me in pleasant form.”

At this point envision how she/he should look with your intent and then open your eyes and look in the mirror.

This helps and form should have changed. You can try again or just try to accept form, if the form still hasn’t changed. Either way you’ll know that you called a.

It’s important to not forget that what you’re seeing is a manifestation of the world that is actual and the succubus/incubus is there with you. She/he is actually there, although you feel or may not see her/him there right beside you.

From here on out it is up to you how you continue. I can just give you the recommendation to take it slow. If she/he appears once for you will appear again. Try to acquire name, as this will make summoning rituals much easier as you can call her/him directly.

I recommend moving away from the mirror. Once you have name and know looks in her true form it should be possible to call her/him with only a candle.

Thank You, Love SunPhoenix…

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