Standard Banishment Spell


A basic spell to banish someone from your life.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 black candle
A Tiny pieces of paper and pen
A fireproof dish
Black paper (scrap or not, it does not matter)
A length of string
1 small bell
Trowel/spade/something to dig with (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Basic Banishment Spell’

Light the black candle. Write down the title of the person you want to banish on the paper, visualising them as you do. Imagine a door and open it, then imagine them walking through it (and away from you). Close the door behind them and lock it.

Hold the paper in the flame and say this: “With this flame, I burn [name of person you would like to banish] in my life, and damage it none, so mote it be.”

Repeat these words three times. When you’re unable to hold the burning paper without being burnt, put it in the fireproof dish to burn off.

When there’re only ashes, meditate, visualising the person leaving your lifetime and not coming back. Try not to think ill thoughts of them.

After meditating for a while, snuff out the candle and, whilst the wax is still warm but not too hot, press the ashes of the burnt paper to the candle until there is no more left. Make sure that the wick is cool until you wrap the candle at the dark paper and tie it closed with the string. Tie the small bell to the end of the series: this will help purify the air and the candle when it rings, hopefully making sure no harm comes to the person you would like to banish by accident.

Now you can dispose of your wrapped up candle. You can use the trowel to bury it far away from your home, or you could throw it into a river or the sea. You could even burn it in a bonfire, but make sure to discard the ashes away from you.

Please be careful. Fire is dangerous. You don’t want me to remind you, but please be careful with the flames and hot wax.
Try not to think ill of the person you wish to banish as it can lead to injury to them or backfire and cause harm to you.
The best time to do this charm is during a new moon and at sunset.

When shedding your candle, choose the method you feel is stronger. Some people today think fire is more powerful because it is a furious force, but I think discarding it in water is much stronger as it can carry it far away from you, and others believe discarding it via the earth is more powerful as it is a grounding force.

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