Spell to Attune


This spell amplifies your daily grounding techniques and is definitely great to aid in relaxation when you’re feeling extremely drained.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A white candle (whether it be electronic or real, who cares?) Salt A flat surface Some things that represent you (i.e. your representation of hobbies, awards, even just your name written on a sheet of paper) Your mind

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell to Attune’

1. Lay out all of your stuff on whatever workplace you desire. As long as your comfortable and it is secure and fireproof, anything will work.

2. Sprinkle salt all over whatever surface you’re using. The point is that you would like a clean and cleansed area. As soon as you are done, make sure that the salt is spread throughtout the work area, you may use as little or as much needed. Any variant salt may work for this.

3. Lay out your items. This things must be objects you identify closely with. As obscure as it is, really anything goes. You can even go as simple as writing your name on a sheet of paper. Your favourite CD, a stone you find pretty, and medals you’ve earned are all great examples to use.

4. Place your white candle in the center of your area. You may light it, or change it on, depending on whether you choose a traditional or electric candle. Either is fine.

5. Now, take time to visualize. In case you have trouble imagining, you may write all of your thoughts and ideas on sheet of paper. Visualize a halo of white light around you and your chosen area. Focus on the idea of becoming fully attuned to yourself, and relax. Take time to actually appreciate yourself as an unique human being. Do not worry if you’re doing the spell properly, simply focus on steady breathing and having a lightened mindset.

6. Once you feel relaxed and in tune, you may clean up now!

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