Simple Mermaid Spell


This spell will make you a mermaid on a full moon or on a non-full moon.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Voice Sink or Bathtub Belief

Casting Instructions for ‘Simple Mermaid Spell’


Spirits of the sea, grant me this wish, to become a mermaid and swim with the fish. A mermaid with a (aqua green)tail and the powers of (Hydrokinesis, hydropyrokinesis, gelidkinesis, hydrocryokinesis,And electrokinesis) A human when dry, a mermaid when wet, so mote it be.
Fill your bathtub halfway and pour salt in it. Sit in it and recite spell 3 TIMES. After you have recited the spell 3 times, you put your symbol on.
If you dont use your symbol, you will be a mermaid forever.
In cases like this, symbol is used for you to control when you will become a mermaid. Powers are held by symbol. If you dont wear it and you’re wet, you will not become a mermaid. If you wear it and you are wet, you will become a mermaid.
Full moon is optional in this charm. You better do it on full moon, but you can do it on any other day. If it doesnt work, try doing it on full moon. Additionally, after spell, dont look at full moon. You will lose your mind and you wont be yourself till moon sets down. This can be an issue – you will act as you are drunk and you might show your tail to somebody.
You will get bra, but do everything. A woman who claims for this spell to work on her says she didnt get her bra in mermaid form. If it happens to you, pick a upper swimming costume to use for your mermaid spell.
Spell works in 1 week.
– Believe
– Never take your emblem off until it works
– If you lose your symbol after spell worked, You’re in trouble
– To prevent being mermaid forever, break the symbol
– You are able to choose up to 3 powers to use. It can be any electricity, a woman that claims for this spell to work on her picked: pain manipulation, psyhcic shield and magic/mystokinesis
– You can tell to your best friends or family you’re a mermaid. Nothing will happen and you wont lose your tail
– You’ll breath underwater. It seems kinda weird at first, but youll get used to it.
Side effects for this spell:

– Headaches
– Dizzyness
– Stomache
– Trouble walking
– Fatigue
– Legs feeling itchy and tired
– Big thirstiness
– Attraction to water

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