Remove a Spell (easy)


This spell is used to remove/banish/lift a spell that was previously cast.
Like all spells, alterations and tweaks can be harmful, or helpful. Please E-Mail me before you make any changes for this spell in ALSO, I would like to hear any questions, comments, or outcomes of this spell. It is an experiment of mine so comments is welcomed by me. Good luck!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Dish 1 white candle lighter sea salt lavender oil OR olive oil athame an object that’s somehow associated with the spell you wish to remove. (The item will be destroyed)

Casting Instructions for ‘Eliminate a Spell (easy)’

MUST BE PERFORMED ON THE SAME DAY OF THE WEEK THAT THE PREVIOUS SPELL WAS CAST this is the only means that you will be able to channel that preceding spell’s energy. Full moon and new moon may also strengthen the charm.

Fill out a small dish with water, take some sea salt in the palm of your hand and pour it into the dish, pouring it in the shape of a pentacle. Before putting the candle in the dish anoint it with a lavender/olive oil mix (or only 1 of these). While doing so, say: “As I bless this candle’s light, permit the character to multiply by the power of three, so mote it be”. Place that candle in the middle of the dish and then light it. Now take the thing which represents the spell you wish to undo and charge it with the intentions that you put in the spell that has been raised, while reciting this chant: “Life or Death, Love or Hate, a spell has been cast that I repudiate. Withdraw yourself from everything, come back to me, come back to me.” When you feel that the entire spell which you want undone had been drawn into the item, you can choose the athame and start to lower the object to bits while stating: “I condemn the words, of the past; I cut them small, half to half.” Finally, take the rest of the pieces and drop them in the dish when stating: “A spell was cast, now before. It was burnt, the spell returned. Now take what’s left, and make it pure, harm to none, my lesson learned. So mote it be.”

If all was done correctly, the former bout should ware off within 21 days. This spell will manifest faster, depending on the urgency of the caster. (lol, that rhymed)

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