Ravenwulf money spell


I’ve been experamenting with sypathetic magic for a while now. . I discovered this little spell by accident..but it works, so far it has worked 9 times with 9 distinct men and women. .

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bee’s wax, or green paraffin wax works. .3 tbs Basil “Dry”. . A pinch of dry dill olive oil..and a tumbled small Quartz crystal.a sheet of linen parchment. A feather quill and soot and vinegar ink or a black natural ink.and a scribing tool,athame,or rose thorn.about 12 inches of thick hemp twine. .” for a wick”

Casting Instructions for ‘Ravenwulf cash spell’

To begin with, melt your green wax in a double boiler, or a pan..add the basil and dill and mix . . I dip the hemp into the hot wax two or three times..to make it stiff..and set it aside. . I pour my wax mixture in my mold..most people use a paper roller from paper towels as a mould. . Drop a quartz crystal in the wax ensuring it sinks.add the hemp wick and place the mold in the freezer for 30 mins.once the candle is hard..take your athame, or a rose thorn and on three equal sides,,,engrave the Rune “FA” which means “Help”.here is the link for this. http://www.runes-for-health-wealth-love-now.com/rune-meanings-fa.html . In between the Runes enscribe, “Money, Money come to me” do this 3 times between the Runes..wash the candle in a salt bath for a few momments or hold it in sage smoke..then anoint it with olive oil as and set it on your alter…
The ink..you can use any ink that you wish as long as it is natural. . .but I use a soot and wine ink..or vinegar.On the parchment with the quill, write your name, write the amout you desire..light the candle and while holding it in your power hand..imagine the money comming into your life..no thing how..just that it is comming!and accept that it’s. . .know it is believe it’s! . .set the candle down, and then burn the parchment gradually allowing it to smoke..ask the smoke to deliver your message, your desire, and that no harm come to anyone..by the power of three..so mote it be. .
I have used this many times. . And I have secretly let it slip to 9 others who’ve used this….it worked!

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