Protection Against Negative People


This is a magick spell which will help protect you against men and women that are negative. It will protect you from all negative actions against you: jealousy, gossip, verbal attacks, and even sorcery. Most importantly, it is going to protect you against psychic vampires who can literally suck the life-energy out of you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A picture of yourself 4 blue candles and one white candle A few drops of essential oil on your astrological sign Sage incense 3 acacia leaves 3 black tourmaline stones

Casting Instructions for ‘Protection Against Negative People’

Casting the Spell Against Negative People and Psychic Vampires Purify yourself by washing your hands in a bowl of water that contains a drop of your essential oil.

Prepare the circle by placing the blue candles on each cardinal point, and the white candle in front of you. Put the incense to the left of the candle, and the acacia leaves and the tourmaline stones to the right of the candle. Place your photo in front of the candle.

Cast the circle, and light all the candles and the incense. Take your photo and pass it over the incense three times, and as you do so, imagine the incense purifying this representation of you, clearing away all negativity that has been sent your way by those negative people and aliens.

Take the acacia leaves and the black tourmaline on your hands, and recite the following incantation five times:

I invoke thee, Aradia,
Goddess of protection and healing,
Protect me
Now and forever.

Watch a circle of white light forming around you, which psychic vampires and negative men and women can’t penetrate. Extinguish the candle and close the circle, but let the incense burn until the end.

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